Monday, December 17, 2007

Astana Team gear
Team Astana Jerseys

Team Astana American Champs Jersey
Team Astana go Trek

The colour scheme looks pretty good and if you look through to the back of the rack of Madones, it looks like a custom frame colour for Levi as American Champ.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ya beauty!!
The form was coming over the last three races so I was feeling pretty confident of a top three at the Scottish Cyclo-Cross Championships, so after all my lay off with back problems and non training I got the Gold that makes my season.
Turning up and having a practice lap I could feel my legs were ready for take off and the days leading up I promised myself that it was shit or bust, I would rather have come 2nd last on my knees knowing I had given my all than finish forth and still had something left in the tank.
Once we were off I found myself at the front and pushing on which I kept up for the first few laps, as the course cut up catching me was going to be a lot harder so I pushed on and settled in to a good pace. After a few laps Dan caught up and this was the battle till the end which ended in an all out sprint for the line which I got.

It was a double on the day for Dunfermline CC with my Team mate Eileen Roe taking the Ladies Championships too. Eileen is only just in the Senior Ladies category and Hardie Bikes has been helping her out with bikes and equipment over the last few years and she has really come on with her fitness and skills. Eileen had just taken delivery of her new X0-2 Trek on the Thursday before the champs and is now in Belgium till Christmas to get a few Cross races in which will be a fantastic experience.

One and two
Me and Dan

Full Results

As you can see the top three looks a bit different as Dan Whitehead had signed on the line he was ineligible for a Championship result so Rab Wardell moved into silver. Also if you see right at the bottom a certain Lois Hardie competing in here first ever bike race done the Hardie name proud and took the under 10 Female category.

1. Championship Results

1 38 Hardie Craig Dunfermline CC 1h4min06
2 23 Wardell Rab Sandy Wallace Cycles 1h4min35
3 29 MacInnes Steven Isle of Mull CC 1h4min37
4 42 Fraser-Moodie James Pedal Power RT 1h4min41
5 36 McInally Paul EK CC / Rolls Royce 1h6min01
6 4 Copp Jonathon Deeside Thistle 1h7min06
7 15 Walker Neil Walkers Cycle Club 1h7min57
8 22 Wardman Andy Sunnyside Sports
9 34 Nimmo Iain Squadra Porcini
10 40 Kentley Kenny (V) Team Velo Ecosse
11 17 Newnham Paul Edinburgh RC
12 3 Turnbull Andy Falkirk BC
13 39 Melville James (V) Glasgow United CC
14 7 Shackley Edd (V) Ivy CC
15 26 Meredith Jon Telly Savalas Players At 1 Lap(s).
16 30 Roe Eileen (W) Dunfermline CC At 1 Lap(s).
17 41 McGavigan Ruth (W) Pedal Power RT At 1 Lap(s).
18 43 Gilbert Ross Lomond Roads CC At 1 Lap(s).
19 5 Arnott Iain (V) Unattached At 1 Lap(s). 40
20 27 McLagan John Team CMC At 1 Lap(s).
21 35 Lawton Shane East Kilbride CC At 1 Lap(s).
22 25 Millar Alastair Riks Bike Shed/ At 1 Lap(s).
23 19 Gauld Graham (V) Deeside Thistle At 1 Lap(s).
24 18 MacDonald Tom Lomond Roads CC At 1 Lap(s).
25 28 Byford Alan (V) Glasgow MBC At 1 Lap(s).
26 2 Murray Paul City of Glasgow At 1 Lap(s).
27 24 Steele Martin Kenwood Racing At 1 Lap(s).
28 13 Russell Scott (V) Walkers Cycle Club At 1 Lap(s).
29 20 Purves Fraser Unattached At 1 Lap(s).
30 10 Hamilton Brian (V) Pedal Power RT At 2 Lap(s).
31 44 Chisholm Alison (W) Edinburgh RC At 2 Lap(s).
32 33 Strachan Jac (W) Telly Savalas Players At 2 Lap(s).
33 6 Paul Gordon (V) Stirling BC At 2 Lap(s).
34 11 Harris Anna (W) Angus Bike Chain At 3 Lap(s).
35 32 Walker Fiona (W) Sandy Wallace Cycles At 3 Lap(s).

37 Alan Quinn Glasgow United CC

1 2 Gallagher Kenta 777 MTB Racing 26min30s
2 11 Ferguson Grant Peebles CC 28min20s
3 7 Smith James Discovery Juniors 28min57s
4 1 Kirkwood Lewis Glentress Riders
5 14 Leith Andrew Discovery Juniors
6 18 Fleming Robbie Isle of Mull CC
7 12 Winton Katy Glentress Riders
8 6 Gillies Angus Peebles CC
9 16 Matthews Sam Glasgow Ivy CC
10 8 Balfour Cameron Peebles CC
11 17 Chirnside Callum Discovery Juniors
12 10 Ferguson Hannah Peebles CC at 1 Lap
13 15 McAlpine Emma Glentress Riders at 1 Lap
14 9 Wilson Charlie Discovery Juniors at 1 Lap

2. Non-championship Contestants

70 Whitehead Dan Unattached 1h4min08
60 Opitz Christian Berliner TSC 1h5min22
64 Sheridan Steve Glasgow Wheelers
57 Tompsett Gary (V) Unattached At 1 Lap(s). 40
62 McDonald Anja (W) MTB Otago At 1 Lap(s).
63 Kerr David Unattached At 1 Lap(s).
53 Nicholson Steve TCA At 1 Lap(s).
56 Martin David Unattached At 1 Lap(s).
55 Perkins Howard (V) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
54 Lockhart Steve Walkers Cycle Club At 2 Lap(s).
66 Keeley Micheal Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
67 Foyshaw Scott (Jn) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
58 Dixon Conor (Jn) Abronhill HS At 2 Lap(s).
69 Haldane Andy (V) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
51 Scott Thomas (V) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).

61 Morgan Downie Unattached
65 Kevin Scott Unattached
68 Gareth Brown BPC

28 Taylor Jack Rik's Bike Shed
29 Alasdair Taylor Rik's Bike Shed
19 McCartney Conor Abronhill HS at 1 Lap
20 McPhilemy Grant Abronhill HS at 1 Lap
32 Kelly Morris Glasgow Riderz at 1 Lap
24 Corrigan Dyllan Abronhill HS at 1 Lap
31 Steven McNeil Stirling Bike Club at 2 Laps

21 Craig Brown Abronhill High School

U12, U10
U12 Male
Stewart Balfour Peebles CC
U12 Female
Rebecca Leith Discovery Juniors CC
U10 Male
Andrew Merry Discovery Juniors CC
U10 Female
Lois Hardie Hardie Bikes

Friday, December 07, 2007

Craft Pro Zero Extreme
I have just started doing Craft clothing in Hardie-Bikes which is a forward thinking Scandinavian company designing performance garments for use in all conditions.
The first clothing to arrive is the Pro underwear collection which is some of the comfiest base layers I have worn. This first mini test is on the Pro Zero Extreme Tee which is designed to be worn in fair to cold conditions, the material combines moisture transfer as well as some insulation so keeping you from getting a chill.

I have only just started wearing this top and thought it may be to warm but so far has been superb, on the second round of the Cross at the Castle on Sunday past I found that it kept my body at just the right temperature throughout even though I was busting my butt for the best part on an hour. The feel on the body is great with the weight of the material being so light you hardly know your wearing it.
Check out Craft Clothing at their website: Craft

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sunday Cross at the Castle in moving pictures

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cross at the Castle
Right another weekend and on the agenda this one was two Cyclo-Cross races back to back Sat/Sun on the beautiful Isle of Mull. For Sat it was chucking it down with rain for most of the race which made the going a bit soft :)), I did feel alright but still missing that snap in the legs which will need to be there quick as the Scottish Champs are this weekend.
I started quite fast off the mark leading it and then settled to forth in the race until the end when I got passed by Rab Wardell but pulled him back to contest a argy bargy sprint for the line which Rab nicked. After the race I could not feel my hands or feet which I am sure did not help my performance towards the end.

Saturday Cross at the Castle in moving pictures
Race face

Onto the Sunday my performance felt stronger although I did have a bit bother with my back which gave me problems in the closing stages of the race. So another two races under my belt and the legs are coming back, hopefully I can pull all the stops out for Sunday coming and have a fantastic performance for the Scottish Championships.

As the Scottish Series Champion of 2006 I was asked to present the trophy to the new Series Champion Paul McInally.

Tobermory High Street on Mull, Sunday Morning

Saturday Results:
S Steven McInnes Isle of Mull CC
S Hamish Creber Sandy Wallace Cycles
S Paul McInally East Kilbride Road Club
S Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles
S Craig Hardie Dunfermline
V Matt Denby Aire Valley RT
V James Melville Glasgow United
S Andy Wardman Sunnyside Sports
S Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles
V Edd Shackley Glasgow Ivy

Sunday Results:
S Hamish Creber Sandy Wallace Cycles
S Steven McInnes Isle of Mull CC
S Paul McInally East Kilbride Road Club
S Craig Hardie Dunfermline
S Andy Wardman Sunnyside Sports
S Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles
V Matt Denby Aire Valley RT
V James Melville Glasgow United
S Steve Halsall Glentress Riders/The Hub
V Alan Quinn Glasgow United

Monday, November 26, 2007

DING! DING! Round one
So my first race is in the bag and it was sore but not as bad as I was expecting. The course was quite a long lap for a cross with the odd stairs, water feature and fences thrown in the mix. After the gun the pace exploded and it felt very fast! but as the body has not done it for a year it probably felt faster than it was. In the series this year Paul Rowney ex pro Yeti Cycles man has been rippin it up and giving everyone a pasting and again this round dealt out a masterclass in racing once again.

I was in the mix for lying 3rd-4th for 3/4 laps and then settled into a pace which found me in 6th place which was kinda what I was expecting, towards the end I had a tussle with Dave Lines for 6th which came down to a sprint elbow to elbow, not pretty at the end of a cross race! Dave came out with 6th on the line by a tyre width.
I have got two more rounds to go before the Scottish Champs which I want to be pinging for and after this round I feel that it will come.
Me chasing Dave Lines for the sprint finish

Paul Rowney

Pos Nu Name Club Cat Time
1 46 Paul Rowney Velo Ecosse Sen 1.2.10
2 35 Ewan Clark jun 1.4.28
3 28 Paul McInally East Kilbride RC Sen 1.4.42
4 30 James Fraser Moodie Pedal Power Rt Sen 1.4.48
5 36 Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles Sen 1.5.34
6 40 David Lines Pedal Power Rt Sen 1.6.25
7 45 Craig Hardie Dunfermline CC Sen 1.6.25
8 13 Andy Wardman Sunnyside Sports Sen
9 37 Christian Opitz Berliner TSC Sen 1.8.05
10 27 Gary McCrae Pedal Power Rt Sen 1.8.15

Monday, November 19, 2007

Out today and the wind was strong whipping up the sea with rain blowing through. These are the days you feel really alive battling against nature knowing your a very small spec in the world.

TREK and Astana?
There has been a lot of speculation that with the Discovery Channel Team ceasing operations for next season and a good amount of the staff and riders going to Astana for next year would TREK also follow.

Anyone for an Astana team coloured 6.9 Madone?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal
More pedaling and feeling that the legs are on their way, only thing now is to go into the land of hurt which is Cyclo-Cross and maybe in the next week or two I will be ready.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Insane Jungle Run
Check out this fantastic run down a Northshore man made track somewhere in the jungle.
Watch out for the monkeys!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting the legs back
So since my last post I have had a nice break in Spain for a week and I am now getting the bike feeling back again, meaning I have been building up the mileage leading up to a 75 mile run on the Surly Steamroller Fixed wheel today which felt great.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Still easy
Out on the bike today for the first time in about 3 weeks and felt alright although I was keeping myself back from pushing at all. During the run I did see some freaky heart rates than I am not use to, example is my max is 188 and I seen 184 even when I wasn't even pushing it!!

This is a great forward step (Cycle) as just one week ago I was having trouble walking never mind Cycling.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Easy does it
This week I have seen a slight improvement from Thursday with the back as I seem to be getting a bit better mobility and less pain. Moving forward I am going to have patience as it looks like this is going to take a while to get right, when right I will be better able to manage my back which should make me a stronger person/rider for the future.
All this does make you take for granted your health and fitness as when it goes you feel pretty useless. Anyway upwards and onwards and if the last few days are anything to go by I am making progress.
Now where is my gym ball......

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan
So yesterday I was back to get my results from the scan hopefully telling me something was adrift with my spine. My Consultant went through the scan pointing out a slight narrowing of my spine in the lumber region which was causing my probs. The Consultant explained that I was probably suffering from Spondylitis which is an inflammatory arthritis condition affecting Males under 35 years old.
So where from here? well after going back to my Physio it looks like a 8-12 weeks of rehab to get mobility into the affected region and then strengthening the muscles round about the lumber area.

I do have another appointment with my Orthopedic Consultant on Mon coming to discuss the next step of getting a steroid injection into the lower back, this would hopefully ease the pain and take the inflammation away although I am thinking about this as a last resort at the moment.
I have just got a TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) unit today and will try and stick with this so I do not have to resort of reaching for pills to control the pain.
Hopefully from now on I can at least move forward as I have got an idea of what is going on and with Physical Therapy + specific stretching I will be able to get back to moving properly and biking.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cyclocross from Sin City 23/09/07

Friday, September 28, 2007

Get Cross
Well it is just over 1 week to go to the Scottish Cyclocross season starting which I was looking forward to but will have to cool my heels until I get this back sorted. If you want to try a bit of friendly easy to get into racing off road give Cross a try and you might even get hooked.

Dates / Venue / Organising Club
  1. 1st Oct /Peebles / Peebles CC
  2. 14th Oct / Blairadam Forest / Dunfermline CC
  3. 21st Oct / Auchentoshan /Glasgow United
  4. 28th Oct / Mugdock Country Park / Glasgow MTB Club
  5. 4th Nov / Glenrothes / Kirkcaldy and District
  6. 11th Nov / Carron Valley / Glasgow Ivy
  7. 17th Nov / Bannerman High School / SCX Association
  8. 18th Nov / Gatehouse of Fleet / Glasgow United
  9. 25th Nov / Dundee / Dundee Discovery CC
  10. 1 & 2 Dec / Cross at the Castle, Mull / Glasgow United
  11. 9th Dec / Scottish Champs, Plean / Stirling BC
A definition of Cyclo-cross from Wikipedia:

Cyclo-cross has some obvious parallels with cross-country cycling and criterium racing. Many of the best cyclo-cross riders cross train in other cycling disciplines. However, cyclo-cross has reached a size and popularity that racers are specialists and many never race anything but cyclo-cross races. Cyclo-cross bicycles are similar to racing bicycles: lightweight, with narrow tires and drop handlebars. However, they also share characteristics with mountain bicycles in that they utilize knobby tread tires for traction, and cantilever style brakes for clearance needed due to muddy conditions. They have to be lightweight because competitors need to carry their bicycle to overcome barriers or slopes too steep to climb in the saddle. The sight of competitors struggling up a muddy slope with bicycles on their shoulders is the classic image of the sport, although unridable sections are generally a very small fraction of the race distance.

Compared with other forms of cycle racing, tactics are fairly straightforward, and the emphasis is on the rider's aerobic endurance and bike-handling skills.

A cyclo-cross rider is allowed to change bicycles and receive mechanical assistance during a race. While the rider is on the course gumming up one bicycle with mud, his or her pit crew can work quickly to clean, repair and oil the spares. Having a mechanic in the "pits" is more common for professional cyclo-cross racers. The average cyclo-cross racer might have a family member or friend holding their spare bike.

Don't worry if you have not got a Cross bike as a Mountain bike will get you started.

Have Fun!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knackered back
Well where to start, I was getting back into shape training for the kick off to the Scottish Cyclocross season when I started getting twinges in my back. The twinges started to happen more frequent about 7 weeks ago, then about 5 weeks ago the pain got that bad I am now off the bike altogether and having trouble walking and sleeping.

So fast forward to today, I have had an x-ray with nothing showing and have just had an MRI scan yesterday which I should get the results from on Mon the 1/10. Fingers crossed that they find something wrong as I am totally sick of not being able to get about properly. Speaking to the Physio he has said that it might be a bulging disc that is pushing on the nerves but until I get the MRI scan results it is guessing.
See the pic below of the strapping the Physio had me wear last week that did give me a bit of pain relief after the first few hours of excruciating pain as my back was pulled into shape.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gary Fisher 'Hi-Fi Carbon Pro'

After a lot of tarmac talk with the new Madone I think it was about time to get a bit dirty with some new models in the Gary Fisher/Trek stable for 08.
Starting point is this kick ass beauty from the man Fisher which for a 5in travel bike only weighs a claimed 23.3pound or 10.6kg in real money.
If you are thinking in doing a bit of cross country racing either short track or marathon stylee then this bike must be near the top of your list.
I have ridden Gary Fisher bikes for a good few years now and won the 2002 X-Country Champs and Series on a Sugar race bike which the Hi-Fi takes a lot from in terms of design cues. Something that is lighter than my old full on race bike pushing 5in of travel is going to be some ride, roll on that Fisher feeling!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

E-Motion rollers

Below is a small clip of me on the rollers in the shop with me getting out of the saddle and sprinting without the bike jumping off. As well as sprinting you can let your front wheel drift over to either side without coming off them, superb!
If you watch the clip closely towards the end you can see me hitting the outside rollers with my front wheel on purpose, try this on normal rollers and you'll end up in a heap beside them.

Check them out here: E-Motion Rollers

Friday, June 22, 2007

Discovery and Madone win

First win for the new Madone by the "Goose" Valdimir Gusev after he took off on the monster stage of the Tour de Suisse from Ulrichen - Grimselpass.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Yet more Madone
This is the Madone 6.9 Pro utilizing the Trek OCLV Red Series Carbon*

*Trek's highest-performance carbon fiber, OCLV Red uses a significant percentage of high modulus carbon fiber arranged according to Treks most complex lay-up schedules.
More Madone
Lance Armstrong talking about the new Madone at the world launch.
New Trek Madone
Pic of the 2008 Trek Madone outfitted with Ultegra SL

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Shimano Ultegra SL
There might not be a new Dura-Ace Gruppo on the horizon just yet but Shimano is introducing a lighter weight Ultegra groupset in "ice grey". Following will be wheel's and pedals in the same finish.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Being fit has the benefit at telling you that an illness is on its way in the early stages so you can try and do something about it. I was looking forward to racing tomorrow but it is looking likely I will have to sit out, during the week I got the sore throat first and towards today I was starting to feel choked. So probably sit out this weekend and get healthy for next weekend which will be my first Grass Track event of the season which I want to be going well for.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Road Race
I have not been posting much in the last few weeks due to the shop being very busy and I have also been trying to get the training in the time I have left over. So the last few weeks I have upped the pace in the training as my season is ready to take off. Yesterday I took part in the Sam Robinson Division 1 Road Race over a lumpy course based near Callander.
As this was going to be my first Race of the season it was always going to be hard and so it was, after a few digs off the front I then sat in knowing that my legs were not going to be good this early on in the season. Out of about 47 starters only about 26 finished and I was 21 out of this so not so bad but I was hoping to do a bit more in the race. Good training anyway and I should get the benefit of the longer racing miles in my legs in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Hero Cyclists
I was at the National Museum of Scotland and paid homage to Graeme Obree's 'Old Faithful' which would give inspiration to any Cyclist or non Cyclist with the story behind it. The bike pictured was the one that was under Obree when he won the Pursuit World Champs in 1995 before it was later banned by the suits at the UCI. Obree is Still competing and winning time trials using his own bikes with eye watering gears like 67x14!!!!, one word Legend.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mallorca in the sun

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hard as nails

I Watched Gent-Wevelgem the Belgian Semi Classic on today, it reminds you that the Pro riders that put on a show for our entertainment are amongst the most fearless athlete's on the planet and sometimes our entertainment turns into their nightmares. The first of two descents coming off the Kemmel there were crashes involving many riders and Jimmy Casper of looked like he crashed the hardest. Total respect to these guys that put their life and limb on the line so we can watch and enjoy the racing.
Real bikes have nuts

Monday, April 02, 2007

"Fillmore" (The most cruel hill of the San Francisco Grand Prix)

Out on the summer Fixed wheel yesterday - the Fillmore (44x16) as the weather was great.
The gear change felt good and the bike is a bit lighter than the Steamroller so the higher gear turned over well on the flat and as I am a bit fitter was fine on the hills.

Fillmore Street, enough said.

Monday, March 26, 2007

On the up and up.

After watching Oscar winning the M-SR in style on Sat I was up for a good run on Sunday and maybe push myself a bit for the first time after the winter build up and I can say that the feeling was good throughout the run but even better on the bits of road that I pushed it on. After the run recovery is always a good indicator of fitness and that seems to be good also, I am still on my 49x18 fixie so it is good to know that when the boys bring their carbonio stuff out I can still do a bit of damage. It is just three weeks till I head out to Mallorca for some sun on the back and back to the 'Gears' which should be interesting, although I might be onto the 'Gears' a bit quicker as there is a local Criterium that I might do before I head off.