Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gary Fisher 'Hi-Fi Carbon Pro'

After a lot of tarmac talk with the new Madone I think it was about time to get a bit dirty with some new models in the Gary Fisher/Trek stable for 08.
Starting point is this kick ass beauty from the man Fisher which for a 5in travel bike only weighs a claimed 23.3pound or 10.6kg in real money.
If you are thinking in doing a bit of cross country racing either short track or marathon stylee then this bike must be near the top of your list.
I have ridden Gary Fisher bikes for a good few years now and won the 2002 X-Country Champs and Series on a Sugar race bike which the Hi-Fi takes a lot from in terms of design cues. Something that is lighter than my old full on race bike pushing 5in of travel is going to be some ride, roll on that Fisher feeling!

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