Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Cyclists get it
I finally got to a race without back problems and got a win! The race that I won was the historical Dundee Harriers Versus Cyclists event held at Caird Park Dundee. This is a great event that pits the two wheeled brigade against the two legged brigade, it is a mass start with everyone jostling for position till the first corner where the field starts to spread out. If the conditions are firm then it is an advantage to the cyclists but if the conditions are soft then the runners have the advantage.

Today the conditions were quite firm so the cyclists were in command with the first six places going to them and lifting the Team Trophy for the second year in a row, the runners will be praying for a wet and muddier race in 2009.
From my personal point of view it was great to get the lungs and legs opened up for the first time in a race all season, I race next weekend on the 4th in the Stirling Super Cross which I hope to be going as well if not better for.

Ready for the off, two wheels good!
Image by permission of All About Action Photography

Image by permission of All About Action Photography

Cyclists Versus Runners Team Trophy

The first Prize, sorted for New Year!!

Report from Martin Harris on the Braveheart Website
Former Scottish Cyclo Cross Champion Craig Hardie (Craig Hardie Cycles) led the cyclists to a convincing win over the Harriers in the Annual race at Caird Park. Recent dry weather led to a fast flowing course giving the cyclists the balance of power in this years race. The first runner to finish was Mike Carroll in 8th place. Carolyn Stewart was the first lady runner, with Anna Harris the first lady cyclist home.

Full results

Team result cyclists 21 points – Runners 73 points

Results (c)= Cyclist, (r)=runner):

  • 1. Craig Hardie (c) 24.15,
  • 2. Neil Scott (c) 27.09,
  • 3. Mike Webster (c) 27.23,
  • 4. Phil Brown (c) 28.17,
  • 5. Mike Milne (c) 28.32,
  • 6. Mark Smith (c) 28.34,
  • 7. Neil Rait (c) 28.48,
  • 8. Mike Carroll (r) 29.00,
  • 9. Neil Young (r) 29.04,
  • 10. Jonathan Herbert (c) 29.14,
  • 11. Ruben Toy (r) 29.43,
  • 12. Colin Nicol (c) 30.14,
  • 13. Brian Sproul (c) 30.41,
  • 14. Des Crowe (r) 30.47,
  • 15. Brian Bonnyman (r) 30.52,
  • 16. Jamie Crowe (r) 31.20,
  • 17. Jerry Toy (c) 31.57,
  • 18. Steve Mason (r) 30.07,
  • 19. Craig Love (r) 32.08,
  • 20. John Cassels (r) 32.14,
  • 21. Mark Kirkwood (r) 32.34,
  • 22. Paul Dempsey (r) 33.00,
  • 23. Callum Chirnside (c) 33.40,
  • 24. Billy Warden (c) 33.45,
  • 25. Andy Turnbull (r) 34.02,
  • 26. Steve Borland (r) 34.17,
  • 27. Phil Forte (r) 34.33,
  • 28. Stewart Kerr (r) 34.37,
  • 29. Scott Davidson (c) 34.59,
  • 30. Ron Milne (r) 35.32,
  • 31. Lionel Wylie (c) 37.04,
  • 32. Mark Stewart (r) 37.31,
  • 33. Mark Jones (c) 38.54,
  • 34. Caroline Stewart (r)[L] 39.15,
  • 35. Bob Thornton (r) 41.05,
  • 36. Charlie Love, (r) 41.22,
  • 37. Paul Stewart (c) 41.25,
  • 38. Jim Foulis (c) 42.08,
  • 39. Steve Cromar (r) 42.12,
  • 40. Kate Friend (r)[L] 42.38,
  • 41. Anna Harris (c)[L] 44.02,
  • 42. Robbie Spence (r) 45.00,
  • 43. Eddie Holmes (r) 46.28,
  • 44. Mark Seery (r) 46.49,
  • 45. Charlie Wilson (c) 34.09,
  • 46. Barbara Brown (r)[L] 53.58

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a good one

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you get all you want from Santa

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Head Cam
Got myself a Vholdr head cam recently and have been mucking about with it, upload of some of the results below -

Letham Hill Cross

Braefoot Cross

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Is Lance ready?

You betcha!!!

More awesome pics here: Elizabeth Kreutz

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Memories of the tour
Here is a pic of Alberto Contador's TREK Madone which was presented to him on winning the 2007 Tour de France.

Will there be another TREK Madone in yellow come the end of the Tour 2009?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just a head's up on a nasty virus doing the rounds on Facebook which will turn your computer into a zombie apparently.
Here is the note I seen about it:

Face Book has sent out a malicious VIRUS!

The message is sent out to look like a Face Book friend stating,

" You've been Filmed! Haven't you noticed?"

(the video looks like a You tube link but it is spelled wrong) yuo

Do not click on the link!!

Read more here: Nasty Virus Thingy