Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 review
It's that time of year when everyone gets in their look back over the past 12 months.
The year started for me Highland Games Grass Track racing at Newburgh where I struggled a bit as the form was just not there, this Games proved how dangerous a sport we compete in as in the 4800m Scottish Champs race Lewis Oliphant had an off and broke his collarbone ending his season :(
After this race it kicked me in to gear though as we moved through the season I managed to win 38 races making it my most successful Games season for me ever, after the season I was voted Highland Games Cyclist of the Year by the SHGA committee which I was very honoured to receive. Having won it in 2005 it was brilliant to win again :)
A big thanks to all the different Highland Games venues during the year and all the helpers behind the scene's making it possible for us to race all year, I feel privileged to be part of the Games history which dates back to 1703. This year I have a trophy from Halkirk Games which dates back to 1897.

Once the Games season finished I managed to get a few easy weeks before embarking on the Cyclocross season to try and retain my Scottish Cyclocross Series Championship that I had won in 2006 and 2009. Going into the series I felt good but not great which is fine as the season is long and I wanted to be strong in the mid to end of the series, starting the series I managed a few 3rd's to be going on with then got a win before spending a week in Lanzarote to get a bit of sun. After getting back from the sun I managed a few more wins and podiums with worst result being 4th in all the races :)
Again I would like to thank all of the people involved who make the racing happen, especially all the SCX committee who give up their time for the sport.

This has been a fantastic year for me and if 2011 is as half as good it will be a cracker.

Happy New Year to one and all and hope you make 2011 the best you can whatever you do :)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cross at the Castle SCX Rd9 12/12/10
Waking up in the Castle and looking out on the course changed thing from Sat with a widespread frost meaning the course running in the opposite was going to bit a faster one.

The race started with the same bodies at the front as Sat with this time Dan Whitehead pushing on and know one able to go with him. I settled in to second exchanging it back and forth with Davie Lines and James Fraser Moodie not far behind, Myself and davie did have a few digs to get up to Dan but he was on fire today and the digs were more to try and keep away from James who was always lurking just off us.

Image (Via)Vw.splitscreen

Going into the last lap I was feeling pretty cooked but was hanging on to Davie, at this point I was going for a last chance attack through the muddy rutted section which with frost had turned into hard ruts making the going hard. I pushed on but then for the first time this season I lost my chain which for a reason would not catch back on to the front sprocket! Davie then caught me and proceeded to push me till I tried to get my chain back on (Sportmanship in full effect there) but with no joy, I then had to dismount to get my chain on giving James the chance to catch and then pass me.

After this I did nearly catch back up with James but even without the chain incedent I was cooked so i think it did not make a difference to the final result. Dan was on it today and a great win taken from the front, just like I like to do it :)

1st D.Whithead
2nd D.Lines
3rd J.M.Moodie
Full results: Sun Mull
So that's the Series finished and retaining the Scottish Title has been a real honour again, thanks to everyone who has been a part of anything to do with the Series this year as it's been brill.

2010 Scottish Cyclocross Series overall:
1st C.Hardie
2nd D.Lines
3rd James Fraser Moodie
Overall series 2010 League Tables: SCX 2010

For this last week past I have not touched the bike and will be looking to start again this week coming, would normally be off the bike till after the New Year but as there is the rescheduled Scottish Cyclocross Champs on the 23rd of Jan I will be looking to get in training again to see if I can get the double :)


Cross at the Castle SCX Rd8 11/12/10
After all the snow that had fallen round the Fife area it was not looking good for getting to Mull but as there was a partial thaw it looked better. Setting off in the morning looked good and I had decided to take the road from Creiff to Lochearnhead which proved to be a seat of the pants journey being that the road was pure ice in long stretches!
Having negotiated the Ice rink we arrived at the ferry to Mull just in time, but if we had missed the ferry then it would have been disappointing but there was no way I was going to risk life and limb! Would just have got another ferry and raced on Sun.

On to the race
After arriving at the beautiful location that is Glengorm Castle I had a scoot round the snow/ice free course (gulf stream in effect). There was a couple of muddy bits but in general the course was in a pretty dry condition. The course included everything you need with run ups, barriers, fast bits, tech bits and overall a brill course that kept you thinking all the way round :)
After warm up the old legs felt alright but not as fresh as they have been but this is normal for me at the end of a season, no point in having loads left at the end of the season and no racing left!

The race took off with myself, Dan Whitehead and Davie Lines to the front, once into the first laps Davie pushed on and gapped me. I kept Davie in sight and then realised he was coming back to me, once I had caught him I had seen he had a front soft wheel so a change of bike was needed past the pits. We were then together for a while but Dan and as always slow burner James F Moodie was now catching the two of us.

Once there was now going to be four at the front Davie had pushed on with Dan chasing, when Dan was going I had felt my right hand shifter starting to feel soft! At this point I was only shifting if essential knowing there was only two laps to go, onto the last lap and going into the uphill section in front of the Castle meant a gear shift and bang the lever broke sticking me in my 13tooth sprocket!

At this point I had pushed on but was not going to catch Dan for second with only one gear, my concern now was James getting the last podium spot, I had to run a lot of the bankings that I had been riding and James was catching probably releasing that I had a problem. I managed to get on to the finish straight in front of James and pushed on to finish with just a handful of sec's for third :)

Close racing with a bit of drama at the end for me makes it one of the more memorable races and it was great to see Davie Lines get his first ever Cyclocross win, well done that man :)

Check out the Handlebar cam action from my first lap :)

Cross at the Castle 2010 from on Vimeo.

Then it was on to Sun for the last round of the Series to see if I could get round for the last Hurrah!

1st D.Lines
2nd D.Whithead
3rd C.Hardie
Full results: Sat Mull results


Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Scottish Cyclocross series Champion
Just back from an awesome weekend in Mull where I got 3rd on Sat and 4th on Sun Would have loved to finish off with a couple of wins but the legs were telling me different! still chuffed to bits on retaining the Series for another year :) Will have more up on the weekend exploits in the next couple of days including hopefully some handlebar cam action.


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Snow Commuting and Postponements
After the bit of snow at last weekends Cyclocross @ Kings park it dumped big style across the central region of Scotland and Fife got hit big style! I have lived all my life here and have never seen as much of the white stuff. This is not a prob for me as getting up to Hardie-Bikes is not a problem on the big 29er wheels :)

The problem was going to be for getting to Irvine for this weekends Scottish Cyclocross Championships, reading up on the stuff coming out of the west the snow was not bad at all and the race would be on. This would be fine if everyone could get to the venue and the decision was taken on Friday to postpone the race which is gutting for the organisers Walkers cycling and Neil Walker :(
Hopefully we can get the champs run this year but dates are running out so fingers crossed.
This week was meant to be the build up to the champs but after the news I was back into training mode just turning over the legs either on the rollers or up to the shop on the 29er in the snow.

A wee vid of me getting the miles in on the white stuff below:

Fordell Descent from Hardie-Bikes on Vimeo.

Great fun but well tiring, good all body workout for the cross with a bit of on and off and moving about in half melted snow, like riding in sand!

So onto the next weekend and I'll be @ Mull for Cross at the Castle featuring the last two rounds of the Scottish Cyclocross series where I have a good lead in at the moment :) Will be looking to finish off with a flurry and not the SNOW type LOL!

More info at

League tables up to Mull @ 2010 Scottish Cyclocross Tables

Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Cross
Kings Park SCX Rd7 27/11/10
Another week another round of the Scottish Cyclocross series rolls on, we now only have two rounds to go on Mull so this weekend it was about getting a solid result and if the win was on then go for it.
Awaking in the morning there was a blanket of snow which was going to make things interesting, once warm up on the turbo was done I had a pedal round the course which was in good nick considering the snow. The legs were not feeling the best but you never really know till the hammer goes down!

Off the start I got the holeshot and held the front for the first few laps settling into a comfy pace with no one passing and just four of us left at the front, after about lap three a few passes started a bit to close! End of the day Hope we are there doing it for enjoyment :(

The froing and tooing continued for the next half dozen laps until with about three to go Ross Creber of Endura Racing went for it and I did not have the legs to go with him, Rob Friel stuck with him for a bit but then got dropped, on the last lap Mr Murray pushed on and I settled into forth knowing that the top three were not a threat to the series points.

I did enjoy the course although it probably felt a bit harder than it should have been due to my legs being a bit flat, I tried to keep Cowbell corner (great encouragement) entertained with jumping the planks most laps :) If you can't win then put on a show is the motto lol!

A mention to my pit man Graeme for helping out, thanks dude :)

1.Ross Creber Endura Racing
2.Keith Murray Hope Factory Racing
3.Rob Friel Raleigh

Thanks to all the peeps that organised the race on a freezing cold day for standing about.

Some cracking pics via Neil Hassan:
After today's race I was off to the Highland Games dinner to pick up the Highland Games Cyclist of the year award at night. A great night had by all with award winners and plenty Gay Gordon's strutted :)

Onto the Scottish Cyclocross Champs this weekend at Irvine after a bit of rest. Looking forward to the Snow commute this week into work :)

More stuff @

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hat Trick!!
Auchentoshan SCX Rd6 21/11/10
Another round of the Scottish Cyclocross series today and what a cracker it was :)
Going into this round I had the plan of getting a solid result to keep my lead in the series going but if the chance of a win presented itself then I would go for it!

Off the start I missed my pedal and had to make my way through to the sharp end in the first few corners which was a bit off for me, once up to third I could see Davie Lines of Endura Racing ripping away so made sure I kept him in sight. Andy Wardman of VC Moulin had tagged on to the back of Davie so I just bided my time watching and waiting, after a few laps Andy got dropped from Davie and I then moved up to Davie.
For the next few laps I tagged onto the back wheel of Davie watching James Fraser Moodie of Pedal Power RT making in roads in to the lead of the two of us, after James had collected Andy the two had made a good effort to get up to the front so at this point I attacked Davie to move on and get a gap, Davie unfortunately had an off bending his mech and had to have a bike change :(

At this point of the race I pushed on and consolidated my position knowing that James Fraser would be hunting me down in the second half of the hour. The gap held about 20 seconds for most of the last half of the race so I could get my third win in a row of the series :)
A cracking bonus was the trophy for getting the fastest lap on the day! this trophy was put up by Glasgow United CC celebrating 25 years of running the Auchentoshan Cyclocross, has it really been 25 years? Wow! Here's to the next 25 :)
1st Craig Hardie
2nd James Fraser Moodie Pedal Power RT
3rd Andy Wardman VC Moulin 

Thanks to all the Glasgow United CC crew for putting on a brilliant race, thanks also to for the fantastic Trophies :)

A wee vid from "The Bank" via M. Martin
Another wee vid via Michael Martin

Photos from Neilwheel

Auchentoshan report: @

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bingo Bango!!!
Win number 2 of the Scottish Cyclocross Series for me at Lochore on Sun past :)
Going into this race I was pretty confident which is a great way to be, on the morning of the race I had headed down to North Queensferry under the iconic Forth Rail bridge for a photo shoot to do with the 99...100 event which will be at Silverburn Park Leven.
Great to have Cycling sport promoted in events like this but even better as I compete in non mainstream Cycling disiplines like Cyclocross and GrassTrack :)
It also gave me a chance to practice for part of the race at the end (more on that later)

The race conditions were going to be very muddy going by the weather we had been having leading up to Sunday, I was getting more confident as the rain started to fall leaving North Queensferry for race HQ. Today was the day to crack out the spare bike and have a change on a few laps with some helpers getting the worst of the mud off in between, thanks to Hardie Snr, Sean, Graeme, and I think Franco even helped at times, you did a great job :)

The start went well with myself Dan and Davie getting a small gap on the field and then disaster for Wavie Davie when he took his mech clean off on a post meaning he had to run a lap to get a spare bike!
Once Dan and myself started racing each other trying to get a gap on a few bits of the course but either of us getting away, both of us were watching each other for a few laps and I had an idea on a couple of places to try and go. One of these was on a very boggy slightly uphill section you really had to attack to get through at speed, this is where I got a gap and then pushed on to increase the lead over Dan to about 35secs which stayed till the end where I came over the finish holding my bike which funny enough I had been doing for the photo shoot in the morning :)

Pic via Dougie Shearer
On to Auchentoshen this weekend for one of my favorite courses on the circuit, cant wait!

1st. Craig Hardie
2nd. Dan Whitehead
3rd. Neil Walker Walkers Cycling Club
A mention to 4th Davie Lines of Endura Racing, great ride after breaking his mech off!

Full results and info @

Photos from Stevie Turbitt

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Build Up
So after being away from a race for two weeks I am pumped to start racing Cyclocross again this weekend in Rd6 SCX on Sunday @ Lochore Meadows Fife, on the Sunday past I had great ride out on the Fixed wheel with the DunfermlineCC crew. Nothing to hard with just a spin around to Falkland for a coffee and home, about 65miles all in.

Managed to sneak in a bit of Cross practice on the way to work today to hone the skillz :) from now it will be about active rest till Sun where I will hope to carry on where I left off with win number 2.

Till Sun then....come on!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Back to it
After the hols come the blues but its something I dont suffer from, the weekend past was a bit different though after back to work and the e-mail box I had a blues attack!
This consisted of a dodgy stomach and a few days taking it easy to rid my self of it, there was meant to be a Cyclocross Scottish round on Sunday and pretty glad that it was not on as I probably would have been going like a bag o spanners!!

So after a few days taking it easy have felt a lot better today getting out to smash my wee training circuit on the Fixed wheel in the dark. :)

I have not got a race this weekend at the mo with the next round coming up on the 14th of Nov, cant wait to get back to the Cyclocross.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tour de Lanza 2010
Last year the Hardie Clan upped sticks and headed to Playa Blanca after the first Cross race for a bit of family/training time, this seemed to make all the difference as on my return I managed to get a win at the Mugdock Cross :)
Last year I certainly needed to up my game as the legs were a bit dull in the first race. This year we returned to Playa a week later for some of the same as last year, bit different as I have already started coming into the form with a win in the series so this trip was more about maintenance of the legs and chillaxing instead of trying to get some form.

This worked out great and it's been a cracking week in brill weather with the family and a bit 'o' biking to boot, this year runs consisted of about 1hr in duration up to 2 1/2hrs which was more than ample. The biking was made even better as I hooked up with good friend and bike nut like myself Fraser who through Facebook seen I was heading out at the same week, was great to get out with a mate in a different part of the world :) The Femes climb out of Playa is always better with company in tow, a bit of suffering shared never seems as bad lol!

So as I write this descending into Glasgow I am sure the weather will be slightly colder/wetter than the 28/29 we have enjoyed over the past week :) Being in the Lanza Sun should have set me up for the rest of the Cyclocross season in good stead, let's have it!!

From The Rules :
"The purpose of competing is to win. End of"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Strathclyde SCX Rd3 17/10/10
"What a difference a week makes"
Scottish Cyclocross Round 3 was at Strathclyde Country Park organised by East Kilbride Road Club and what a cracker it was both in course and result for me.
The days going into this race I was active resting as the race at Plean I felt jaded and unable to push on to challenge James for the win, active meaning just rolling about on road and cross bike without thinking about pushing.

Coming into this race I had a few ideas up my sleeve which is a sure sign I felt good, the past two rounds I have not even thought about the tactics and only about finishing. The Race started with Dougie Shearer getting out front which suited as my first tactic was not go for a ballistic start to put myself in the red to quickly! After the first lap I moved to the front and it was packing up behind, I had noticed a couple of attack points on the warm up laps and one was a steep bank after a sharp right turn which was a bit slippy and rooty.
This is where I attacked and managed to get a good gap which I then built on each lap to the finish getting win no1 of the season under my belt :)

Only fly in the ointment for me in the race was not concentrating coming in to the finish area last lap and dumping it, doh! Funny as it's only when your not pushing the turns when the off's happen lol!

Well done to all the East Kilbride crew for putting on a great race and great course :)

1st Craig Hardie
2nd Paul Newhnam Leslie Bike Shop
3rd Greig Walker Edinburgh Road Club

How to climb an SCX banking from Steven Turbitt on Vimeo.

Pics via Stevie Turbitt / Marty more info from

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scottish Cyclocross Round 2 @ Plean 10/10/10
Onto the second round of the Scottish Cross at a smashing course run through a country park with a bit of everything fun, fast, run up, hurdles and brutal uphill section every lap :)

Again for this second round I would be seeing how it turned out as it will take 3/4 rounds for the body to wake up and ping! Off the start I realised that the legs were a bit flat as I could not even get the holeshot with Paul Newnham taking the honours, after the first few laps the old legs felt better than expected.

After a few digs each James Fraser Moodie caught the three of us and passed riding into the distance. Rob Friel did chase on which I could not go with so sat at my own pace, Dave Henderson then passed and I hung on till he drove on to drop me and pedal away, this was where I thought the podium was gone again this week until coming round to see Rob stopped and another podium handed to me (hard lines Rob)
So another podium which is far better than how I'm going at the mo but the season is yet young, after a bit of rest the ping will come :)
Roll on Round Three to get another podium? but on what step ;)

*This round was a bit harder than normal as I had a big off on the Friday before going to work practicing, I was pushing a bit hard lost the front end at speed and ended upside down in the trees :( Not making excuses (well I am really) but I was still feeling bit knocked up even by Sundays race ha! Violins out lol!

Pic via Stevie Turbitt and more from And video via Stevie Turbitt
Scottish Cyclocross Round 1 @ Meadow Mill 03/10/10
First round of the Scottish CycloCross kicked off at Meadowmill Nr Edinburgh and I was up for it but in the mind that I would probably not have great form, this would come out as it pushed on through the 1hr of lactic acid!

The start kicked off and I managed to get the holeshot stringing the field out over the first lap, this was short lived as Stu Wearmouth caught me up on the second lap where I then proceeded to dump it on a concrete patch bashing my knee, Stu went on to pull away not quickly but enough to get a gap every lap.

I then got caught by another two riders in Steve Ward and Rob Friel, after that I was consolidating forth in the knowledge that the podium may not be a go'er today :( Once into the later stages of the race Rob Friel had a puncture handing the last place on the podium to me, it was hard lines for Rob as he was looking good for third and I was not catching.

As this was my first Cross race of the season I have work to do but knowing that as the season goes on the form will come.

Pic via Stevie Turbitt and more from
Well its been a while for blogging but as the new Cyclocross 2010 season kicks off I will have some posts up here now and again. Two rounds down already phew!! I'll have a few reports going up in the next couple of days.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Still more to come with Rounds 7 - 10 + the Scottish Champs

Stay tuned!

Round 7 Dundee 2009 Scottish Cyclocross Series
My race was a good one but my forth really does not tell the story as I turned myself inside out to get it. From a spectator's point of view by the sounds the race was a cracker to watch! I did manage to get within 5sec of the lead but the running killed any gained time I got every lap, the lead stayed the same throughout but 2nd to 6th was chopping and changing every couple of laps.

On the bell lap I was in 6th and could see 4th and 5th dissapearing up the course, with one all mighty push and probably the hardest I've pushed all season I got on to the track behind Iain and Bruce. Once on the wheel of Iain this is where Bruce went and I followed then attacked off the last bend coming round Bruce to get a well fought 4th, once through the line I fell not being even able to hold myself up !!

Even though I was going for the win I think the forth place does do justice to me as my running is certainly not up to others, that is what cross is about though as a winner overall has to do it all.

Well done to the all the organisers for putting on a great race.

On to Rd8 this weekend at Irvine for another where I will look to keep my run for the series


Round 8 Irvine Scottish Cyclocross Series
From the British Cycling Website:
Junior rider Kenta Gallagher demonstrated his absolute talent this weekend by putting on a dominant display in the Open Race, taking a commanding solo victory ahead of some classy cross racers. Behind, Gary Macrae put in a storming ride to take 3rd overall and the win in the Vets category, whilst Ruth Fraser-Moodie continued her winning ways in the Women's category with an excellent ride that also placed her 29th overall.

With no split fields at this round an impressive field of 90 riders made their way down to the actual beach for the start of the Open race! And what a sight it was as the peleton charged towards the holeshot, a deep ‘n' loose sand run up and over a dune! Whilst the lead riders got through safely, many behind were briefly caught up the bottle neck.

Up front, Gallagher soon had the field stretched out and coming into the sand sector for the first time already had daylight between him and the chasers. From here there would be no looking back - extending his lead each lap, he soloed away to a fine victory.

Behind the chase was certainly on as National Youth MTB Champ Grant Ferguson bridged up to Craig Hardie. For several laps neither could shake the other until a sore back forced Ferguson to retire, leaving Hardie to ride on solo for a well earned 2nd place (and 1st Senior). No easy feat given the strong cross winds.

A larger group of riders including several riders in the running for the Series overall took up the battle behind. This group soon slimmed down to just 4 riders - Paul Newnham, James Fraser-Moodie, Bruce McLeary and Steven McInnes. However, after slower starts, Gary Macrae and Paul McInally then worked their way up to this group and it was race on! Macrae quickly moved to the front and pushed the pace hard, opening up a small gap a few laps later with Newnham and McInnes following around 10 seconds down. Macrae, who after admitted to "feeling very good" kept the pace high and held the gap to the line to take an excellent 3rd place overall and win in the Vets race. Bravo! McInnes managed to open up a small gap on Newnham through traffic on the final passage of the sand sector which he held to the finish, picking up 4th overall. Newnham took 5th overall just ahead of a fast finishing McInally.

Behind Macrae, James Melville rode a solid race to take 2nd spot in the Vets ahead of Steve Nicholson in 3rd. In the Women's race, Ruth Fraser-Moodie started strongly and kept the pace high, stretching her lead throughout the race to win comfortably from Maddy Robinson in 2nd and Gillian Palmer in 3rd. Gallagher's overall race win also bagged him the 1st Junior prize ahead of Matthew Hamilton in 2nd and Jack Taylor in 3rd.

2009 Scottish Cyclocross Championships
As the Champs are not counted to the series I was going to have a crack at going all out and see what happened, after what seemed an age being held on the line getting cold I got off to a good start holding on to Kenta's wheel for say 10m After this I seemed to keep him pegged for the first lap before he tore away and then there was a re-group of three consisting myself, Dan Whitehead and Paul Newham. Not knowing that Kenta had pitted, changed a wheel and then got going again I got a real fright as he came tearing past us all up the steps at full pelt!!

This is the point where Kenta flew and we all just looked at each other, I had already tried to go with him early so I thought one of my companions would go but it looked like they would not or more likely could not go with his pace! The guy has got one pace which is FLAT OUT!! After this we then exchanged 2nd place back and fourth for a few laps until "Wavey" Davey Lines came up to our wee group, I kept an eye on this and as he made contact I went for it and put in a good attack but Dan and Paul came back to me bringing Davey.

So two laps to go and I thought most of our group of four were swinging and it looked like a sprint for second was on the cards, Davey on the other hand had other ideas and went on the attack which none of us could cover. On to the last lap and Dan put in a dig which I covered and which also got rid of Paul meaning myself and Dan were going for the Bronze, I had a picture of the podium in my head at that point and there was no way I was going to be off it!!

The last section before the finish I managed to get a good line down into the off camber bit and then into the running section I thought Dan was going to kill me as he is by far the better runner, I gave it eyeballs out and waited for Dan to come past but to my surprise I got the gap and pushed on to descend round into the finish chuffed to take a well earned Bronze

Round 9 Sat and 10 Sun on Mull the Cross at the Castle
Well that's it for 2009 and what a way to end it on the beautiful Isle of Mull. Going into these last two rounds I knew that a good couple of performances would give me the overall.

Arriving on Sat I felt good and was looking for a top three to make the series solid. In the race it was a close one with Dan Whitehead, James Fraser Moodie and myself fighting for the win, towards the last lap James got away from me slightly and held on till the finish.
Dan had a puncture but was well up to front before it happened and as always in Cross it is not always about just fitness but how you ride also as Dan would find out on Sunday to!

So with my solid second place I was begining to think about the series but knew it was not a given just yet.
At night after working the points out I discovered with all the dropped rounds and wins between James and myself there was only 14 points dividing us. Now instead of rolling round for a finish on Sunday it was going to be a full on effort to secure the title with 40 points for a win.
A couple of things I worked out was :
1. James wins and I finish fifth or worse then James takes the title
2. James wins and I finish forth then it is a tie but James takes title on race wins
So no pressure then!! third or better it was and in Cross it can be owt to do with you when something happens.

Sunday dawned bright and crisp and with a different course it was going to be a faster race due to firmer conditions and a flowing course.
I tried to put out of my mind about the series and concentrate on the race, I was going all out for a win so then it would not matter where James placed. The race started well with me and Dan getting a gap and then me getting a gap on Dan, I then went through my usual mid race lull where Dan re-joined me and the two of us started racing for the win.
At this point James was in third but not gaining so I was quite happy at that moment, Dan was really going for the win after his puncture on Sat and I was covering him well. Going down though a tricky bit on the course Dan caught his pedal and fell leaving me to run over his bike! At this point I let him get back on before we continued on together.

After this I pushed on and it looked like Dan was tiring a bit but it did not matter as he got another puncture! I then pushed on and rolled over the line knowing not only that I had won the race but secured the Scottish CycloCross Series :)
Inverkeithing 15/11/09
A very different race this was in the conditions that is, I arrived to have a practice lap and realised that it was going to turn into a bog so just tickled round. Once started young fast man Kenta Gallagher made a break and got away from me although not by much and I felt very good and started pulling him back, this is where I started getting bother with my rear mech.
After having to stop and try and bend the hanger back to get some gears I dropped back to forth and had one gear left! If I had been able to finish in forth then I would have been well happy but as I came round the news was that Kenta had dropped out with a broken mech!

All going fine chasing Kenta on the first laps

Not far off disaster, check the mud on the bike!!

So up to third and wishing for the last lap bell but on the second to finish lap my mech hanger gave up and that was that a DNF! I was well disappointed as I had felt like the win was on the cards. So no points at this round but still looking good in the series as you can drop 3 worst from the 10 rounds. Full report here -
Glenmore 02/11/09
On to Sun and the course was on the same lines as Sat but it started wet this time, after getting the holeshot on the Sat I was looking to do the same and as it went I did but just not by the same margin (second day legs!)

After the first lap I was in second with Dan Whitehead pulling a few seconds lead and that was how it stayed till the end with Dan getting the win and myself in second, not a bad weekend and great points for the series. Check out the full report here -
Wow 2009 what a year!
Right were was I, yes up to Round 4 of the Scottish CycloCross Season.
Here goes - Glenmore 01/11/09
This was the first of the two rounds on the weekend so staying fresh over the two days was going to be the key. The first race day dawned dry and the course was riding well as the first races got under way. Once the Senior race was ready to go the sky's were threatening but no rain yet.
The race stated and I got a fantastic start getting the holeshot and a good lead going on to the first lap.

After this the rain came down which made the course sketchy in bits but great fun also, there was even a small double jump which was great fun!! I pushed on and got the win which was fantastic and I felt strong throughout. Check out the full right up at