Monday, October 18, 2010

Strathclyde SCX Rd3 17/10/10
"What a difference a week makes"
Scottish Cyclocross Round 3 was at Strathclyde Country Park organised by East Kilbride Road Club and what a cracker it was both in course and result for me.
The days going into this race I was active resting as the race at Plean I felt jaded and unable to push on to challenge James for the win, active meaning just rolling about on road and cross bike without thinking about pushing.

Coming into this race I had a few ideas up my sleeve which is a sure sign I felt good, the past two rounds I have not even thought about the tactics and only about finishing. The Race started with Dougie Shearer getting out front which suited as my first tactic was not go for a ballistic start to put myself in the red to quickly! After the first lap I moved to the front and it was packing up behind, I had noticed a couple of attack points on the warm up laps and one was a steep bank after a sharp right turn which was a bit slippy and rooty.
This is where I attacked and managed to get a good gap which I then built on each lap to the finish getting win no1 of the season under my belt :)

Only fly in the ointment for me in the race was not concentrating coming in to the finish area last lap and dumping it, doh! Funny as it's only when your not pushing the turns when the off's happen lol!

Well done to all the East Kilbride crew for putting on a great race and great course :)

1st Craig Hardie
2nd Paul Newhnam Leslie Bike Shop
3rd Greig Walker Edinburgh Road Club

How to climb an SCX banking from Steven Turbitt on Vimeo.

Pics via Stevie Turbitt / Marty more info from

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