Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scottish Cyclocross Round 2 @ Plean 10/10/10
Onto the second round of the Scottish Cross at a smashing course run through a country park with a bit of everything fun, fast, run up, hurdles and brutal uphill section every lap :)

Again for this second round I would be seeing how it turned out as it will take 3/4 rounds for the body to wake up and ping! Off the start I realised that the legs were a bit flat as I could not even get the holeshot with Paul Newnham taking the honours, after the first few laps the old legs felt better than expected.

After a few digs each James Fraser Moodie caught the three of us and passed riding into the distance. Rob Friel did chase on which I could not go with so sat at my own pace, Dave Henderson then passed and I hung on till he drove on to drop me and pedal away, this was where I thought the podium was gone again this week until coming round to see Rob stopped and another podium handed to me (hard lines Rob)
So another podium which is far better than how I'm going at the mo but the season is yet young, after a bit of rest the ping will come :)
Roll on Round Three to get another podium? but on what step ;)

*This round was a bit harder than normal as I had a big off on the Friday before going to work practicing, I was pushing a bit hard lost the front end at speed and ended upside down in the trees :( Not making excuses (well I am really) but I was still feeling bit knocked up even by Sundays race ha! Violins out lol!

Pic via Stevie Turbitt and more from www.scottishcyclocross.org.uk And video via Stevie Turbitt http://vimeo.com/15750919

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