Friday, December 29, 2006

Fixed wheel mania coming soon, follow me on my journey....

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays to anybody reading this, hope you all have a good one when it comes.

After all the Cyclo-Cross racing over the last few months it was time for a break so it was off to Euro Disney in Paris with the family although now that we are back running about in Disney for a few days is certainly not for people looking to take it easy.
Click on the small clip of me on Indiana Jones "Et Le Temple Du Peril" rollercoaster and get a birds eye view.
Till later.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Well on to the last Cross of the year for me and what a wet one it was. Auchentoshen is at the other end of Glasgow and is a great wee circuit made all the more challenging with the conditions.
The day started for me eating my porridge looking out the window at home with the rain pelting down thinking "it will be better in Glasgow" ha! ha! no chance if anything it was worse, riders were sitting in their cars waiting till the last minute to get out for a warm up if you could call it that!
So it was on with the warm up fluid on the legs and leg warmers on the top trying to keep some heat onto the muscles. The race got under way and I started to pull away from the chasers to get a lead which I kept extending till the end. I felt good throughout with no mishaps during the race and it is a good feeling to end the season on a high.

I would like to thank Alan Quinn, Jammie on the mike and all the band of helpers for putting on a race in shocking conditions so we can all slide about in some mud for an hour, cheers.
1st - Craig Hardie
2nd - Paul McInally
3rd - Andy Wardman

Now that it is the last race of the season it is HOLIDAY time hope everyone has a good time off and remember to get training again in Jan for the Cross season 2007!!!
Check back now and again as I will have snippets of what I am up to if your interested.
Till next time,

Monday, December 04, 2006

So this week it was off to the Isle of Mull for the two day Cyclo-Cross race named Cross at the Castle as it was raced around the grounds at Glengorm Castle (thanks to Tom for letting us race round such beautiful surroundings)
The two courses were superb and both set out by Mr Cyclo-Cross himelf Davie Graham, hats off to Davie as he also raced both days.
I felt good going into this weekend after feeling that the cold had totaly left my system from a week and a half ago. The First day was squally showers but quite mild for the time of year, once the race was under way I pushed on and got a lead that I kept till the end with no upsets throughout the race.
On the Sunday the weather was kicking up a storm just to make the racing that bit harder, the start was held right underneath the Castle with the rain lashing and the wind blowing it was going to be some experience this proved right as we took off. The Sunday course was a bit easier but only slightly as the weather was making it feel just as hard.
Once I got into the groove I felt good and pushed on to my second win of the weekend so was well chuffed, this second win also gave me the overall Scottish Cyclo-Cross series title for 2006.
There is only one Cyclo-Cross round left at Auchentoshen Nr Glasgow this Sunday and then it is holiday time for a well earned break.
A big thanks to all that made this weekend possible and if you did not make it this year make sure you get the date for next year and get across.
Until my next ramblings,
see ya.