Monday, December 17, 2007

Astana Team gear
Team Astana Jerseys

Team Astana American Champs Jersey
Team Astana go Trek

The colour scheme looks pretty good and if you look through to the back of the rack of Madones, it looks like a custom frame colour for Levi as American Champ.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ya beauty!!
The form was coming over the last three races so I was feeling pretty confident of a top three at the Scottish Cyclo-Cross Championships, so after all my lay off with back problems and non training I got the Gold that makes my season.
Turning up and having a practice lap I could feel my legs were ready for take off and the days leading up I promised myself that it was shit or bust, I would rather have come 2nd last on my knees knowing I had given my all than finish forth and still had something left in the tank.
Once we were off I found myself at the front and pushing on which I kept up for the first few laps, as the course cut up catching me was going to be a lot harder so I pushed on and settled in to a good pace. After a few laps Dan caught up and this was the battle till the end which ended in an all out sprint for the line which I got.

It was a double on the day for Dunfermline CC with my Team mate Eileen Roe taking the Ladies Championships too. Eileen is only just in the Senior Ladies category and Hardie Bikes has been helping her out with bikes and equipment over the last few years and she has really come on with her fitness and skills. Eileen had just taken delivery of her new X0-2 Trek on the Thursday before the champs and is now in Belgium till Christmas to get a few Cross races in which will be a fantastic experience.

One and two
Me and Dan

Full Results

As you can see the top three looks a bit different as Dan Whitehead had signed on the line he was ineligible for a Championship result so Rab Wardell moved into silver. Also if you see right at the bottom a certain Lois Hardie competing in here first ever bike race done the Hardie name proud and took the under 10 Female category.

1. Championship Results

1 38 Hardie Craig Dunfermline CC 1h4min06
2 23 Wardell Rab Sandy Wallace Cycles 1h4min35
3 29 MacInnes Steven Isle of Mull CC 1h4min37
4 42 Fraser-Moodie James Pedal Power RT 1h4min41
5 36 McInally Paul EK CC / Rolls Royce 1h6min01
6 4 Copp Jonathon Deeside Thistle 1h7min06
7 15 Walker Neil Walkers Cycle Club 1h7min57
8 22 Wardman Andy Sunnyside Sports
9 34 Nimmo Iain Squadra Porcini
10 40 Kentley Kenny (V) Team Velo Ecosse
11 17 Newnham Paul Edinburgh RC
12 3 Turnbull Andy Falkirk BC
13 39 Melville James (V) Glasgow United CC
14 7 Shackley Edd (V) Ivy CC
15 26 Meredith Jon Telly Savalas Players At 1 Lap(s).
16 30 Roe Eileen (W) Dunfermline CC At 1 Lap(s).
17 41 McGavigan Ruth (W) Pedal Power RT At 1 Lap(s).
18 43 Gilbert Ross Lomond Roads CC At 1 Lap(s).
19 5 Arnott Iain (V) Unattached At 1 Lap(s). 40
20 27 McLagan John Team CMC At 1 Lap(s).
21 35 Lawton Shane East Kilbride CC At 1 Lap(s).
22 25 Millar Alastair Riks Bike Shed/ At 1 Lap(s).
23 19 Gauld Graham (V) Deeside Thistle At 1 Lap(s).
24 18 MacDonald Tom Lomond Roads CC At 1 Lap(s).
25 28 Byford Alan (V) Glasgow MBC At 1 Lap(s).
26 2 Murray Paul City of Glasgow At 1 Lap(s).
27 24 Steele Martin Kenwood Racing At 1 Lap(s).
28 13 Russell Scott (V) Walkers Cycle Club At 1 Lap(s).
29 20 Purves Fraser Unattached At 1 Lap(s).
30 10 Hamilton Brian (V) Pedal Power RT At 2 Lap(s).
31 44 Chisholm Alison (W) Edinburgh RC At 2 Lap(s).
32 33 Strachan Jac (W) Telly Savalas Players At 2 Lap(s).
33 6 Paul Gordon (V) Stirling BC At 2 Lap(s).
34 11 Harris Anna (W) Angus Bike Chain At 3 Lap(s).
35 32 Walker Fiona (W) Sandy Wallace Cycles At 3 Lap(s).

37 Alan Quinn Glasgow United CC

1 2 Gallagher Kenta 777 MTB Racing 26min30s
2 11 Ferguson Grant Peebles CC 28min20s
3 7 Smith James Discovery Juniors 28min57s
4 1 Kirkwood Lewis Glentress Riders
5 14 Leith Andrew Discovery Juniors
6 18 Fleming Robbie Isle of Mull CC
7 12 Winton Katy Glentress Riders
8 6 Gillies Angus Peebles CC
9 16 Matthews Sam Glasgow Ivy CC
10 8 Balfour Cameron Peebles CC
11 17 Chirnside Callum Discovery Juniors
12 10 Ferguson Hannah Peebles CC at 1 Lap
13 15 McAlpine Emma Glentress Riders at 1 Lap
14 9 Wilson Charlie Discovery Juniors at 1 Lap

2. Non-championship Contestants

70 Whitehead Dan Unattached 1h4min08
60 Opitz Christian Berliner TSC 1h5min22
64 Sheridan Steve Glasgow Wheelers
57 Tompsett Gary (V) Unattached At 1 Lap(s). 40
62 McDonald Anja (W) MTB Otago At 1 Lap(s).
63 Kerr David Unattached At 1 Lap(s).
53 Nicholson Steve TCA At 1 Lap(s).
56 Martin David Unattached At 1 Lap(s).
55 Perkins Howard (V) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
54 Lockhart Steve Walkers Cycle Club At 2 Lap(s).
66 Keeley Micheal Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
67 Foyshaw Scott (Jn) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
58 Dixon Conor (Jn) Abronhill HS At 2 Lap(s).
69 Haldane Andy (V) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).
51 Scott Thomas (V) Unattached At 2 Lap(s).

61 Morgan Downie Unattached
65 Kevin Scott Unattached
68 Gareth Brown BPC

28 Taylor Jack Rik's Bike Shed
29 Alasdair Taylor Rik's Bike Shed
19 McCartney Conor Abronhill HS at 1 Lap
20 McPhilemy Grant Abronhill HS at 1 Lap
32 Kelly Morris Glasgow Riderz at 1 Lap
24 Corrigan Dyllan Abronhill HS at 1 Lap
31 Steven McNeil Stirling Bike Club at 2 Laps

21 Craig Brown Abronhill High School

U12, U10
U12 Male
Stewart Balfour Peebles CC
U12 Female
Rebecca Leith Discovery Juniors CC
U10 Male
Andrew Merry Discovery Juniors CC
U10 Female
Lois Hardie Hardie Bikes

Friday, December 07, 2007

Craft Pro Zero Extreme
I have just started doing Craft clothing in Hardie-Bikes which is a forward thinking Scandinavian company designing performance garments for use in all conditions.
The first clothing to arrive is the Pro underwear collection which is some of the comfiest base layers I have worn. This first mini test is on the Pro Zero Extreme Tee which is designed to be worn in fair to cold conditions, the material combines moisture transfer as well as some insulation so keeping you from getting a chill.

I have only just started wearing this top and thought it may be to warm but so far has been superb, on the second round of the Cross at the Castle on Sunday past I found that it kept my body at just the right temperature throughout even though I was busting my butt for the best part on an hour. The feel on the body is great with the weight of the material being so light you hardly know your wearing it.
Check out Craft Clothing at their website: Craft

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sunday Cross at the Castle in moving pictures

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cross at the Castle
Right another weekend and on the agenda this one was two Cyclo-Cross races back to back Sat/Sun on the beautiful Isle of Mull. For Sat it was chucking it down with rain for most of the race which made the going a bit soft :)), I did feel alright but still missing that snap in the legs which will need to be there quick as the Scottish Champs are this weekend.
I started quite fast off the mark leading it and then settled to forth in the race until the end when I got passed by Rab Wardell but pulled him back to contest a argy bargy sprint for the line which Rab nicked. After the race I could not feel my hands or feet which I am sure did not help my performance towards the end.

Saturday Cross at the Castle in moving pictures
Race face

Onto the Sunday my performance felt stronger although I did have a bit bother with my back which gave me problems in the closing stages of the race. So another two races under my belt and the legs are coming back, hopefully I can pull all the stops out for Sunday coming and have a fantastic performance for the Scottish Championships.

As the Scottish Series Champion of 2006 I was asked to present the trophy to the new Series Champion Paul McInally.

Tobermory High Street on Mull, Sunday Morning

Saturday Results:
S Steven McInnes Isle of Mull CC
S Hamish Creber Sandy Wallace Cycles
S Paul McInally East Kilbride Road Club
S Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles
S Craig Hardie Dunfermline
V Matt Denby Aire Valley RT
V James Melville Glasgow United
S Andy Wardman Sunnyside Sports
S Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles
V Edd Shackley Glasgow Ivy

Sunday Results:
S Hamish Creber Sandy Wallace Cycles
S Steven McInnes Isle of Mull CC
S Paul McInally East Kilbride Road Club
S Craig Hardie Dunfermline
S Andy Wardman Sunnyside Sports
S Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles
V Matt Denby Aire Valley RT
V James Melville Glasgow United
S Steve Halsall Glentress Riders/The Hub
V Alan Quinn Glasgow United