Monday, January 29, 2007

Out on Sunday past it was the first DCC Tourist trial of the year of 50 miles, a Tourist Trial is a fixed course with a pre set time to get round in.
The weather was very mild for this time of year which made it a bit sweaty by the end.
The pace was a bit brisker this week and as the Trials do not stop at the Cafe it was right roond apart from a stop for a puncture within the group.
Catch ya later.

Monday, January 22, 2007

It was a cold one on this weeks Sunday Run!!

A good workout of 70 odd miles again this week on my usual ride the Fixed steamroller. The side roads were a bit on the icey side so the group stayed on to mostly main routes as they were more likely to be salted. The main picture is passing over the Kincardine bridge with one of the platforms that are being used to build the new Kincardine bridge due to open in 2008 which could be named either
1. The New Kincardine Bridge
2. Clackmannanshire Bridge or
3. Kingdom Bridge once the local Councils have eventually stopped arguing. Behind the platform is the Ochil Hills which stretch across and down to the Wallace monument in Causewayhead.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The next few weeks I will start a few mini reviews on some of the pieces of kit that I use on a daily basis and think are worth telling you about. These reviews will be at random intervals so look back now an again to see if there are any new. The first review is the Shimano winter boot that I got at the start of the season.

Mini Review: Shimano SH-MW02 Mountain boot
The boot is a Gore-Tex lined leather upper with a Mountain Bike sole (also available in a road sole model SHR-W02) and neoprene ankle cuff to help keep out the elements that will be flung at you during the winter. When I first got these boots it was mid Oct and it was still quite mild so I thought my feet would cook but due to the Gore-Tex my feet were warm but they certainly did not get wet with sweat. I had only one issue with the boots when I got them was trying to get into my pedals but once I trimmed the sole slightly they went in and out fine 'n' dandy. Once into the real wet and windy weather I combine the boot with Planet-X Overshoes which helps with keeping out the wet, I use the boot with the Shimano road SPD pedal A520 on my Lemond Tourmalet commuter machine which is great for walking about when off the bike.
The boot does keep your feet dry up to a point but if it is chucking it down then eventually the wet will penetrate but what I have found that even if your feet get wet they stay warm throughout your run, (I wore them Sunday past in torrential rain with my feet staying warm for 70 miles) the other good thing about the boot is the use of full grain leather in the upper making keeping them clean and tidy using boot polish great with the side benefit of helping with waterproofing when using polish.

Till my next dribblings,

Monday, January 15, 2007

Well this week it was another Sunday DCC Club run and it turned out to be a wet one most of the 70 odd miles round, anyway it worked out that 9 riders(two on Fixed) out of 15 that started out continued round getting a good workout. I felt better this week and as it was wet we kept on trucking past the Cafe stop to keep the warmth up, I could smell the coffee as we passed the road end.
Once we had turned to get a braw tail wind the speed went up to 27-28 mph and that is when the naughty boys with their multiple gears can stick it into you, so as a few disappered up the road the rest of the group came together and it was just as well cause one rider blew his gasket and needed a bit of a help to get home.
Till the next installment,
Keep Pedaling.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Now that all the eating and drinking over the holidays has been done it is time to get back on the training waggon and yesterday was my first Sunday out on the fixed wheel
(49x18) the group that I was in did about 70 miles with a Cafe stop halfway.
I thought my legs would have been in bits today but they feel fine, good news as I intend to start upping my mileage on the fixed.
Till next time ciao,

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