Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gary Fisher 'Hi-Fi Carbon Pro'

After a lot of tarmac talk with the new Madone I think it was about time to get a bit dirty with some new models in the Gary Fisher/Trek stable for 08.
Starting point is this kick ass beauty from the man Fisher which for a 5in travel bike only weighs a claimed 23.3pound or 10.6kg in real money.
If you are thinking in doing a bit of cross country racing either short track or marathon stylee then this bike must be near the top of your list.
I have ridden Gary Fisher bikes for a good few years now and won the 2002 X-Country Champs and Series on a Sugar race bike which the Hi-Fi takes a lot from in terms of design cues. Something that is lighter than my old full on race bike pushing 5in of travel is going to be some ride, roll on that Fisher feeling!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

E-Motion rollers

Below is a small clip of me on the rollers in the shop with me getting out of the saddle and sprinting without the bike jumping off. As well as sprinting you can let your front wheel drift over to either side without coming off them, superb!
If you watch the clip closely towards the end you can see me hitting the outside rollers with my front wheel on purpose, try this on normal rollers and you'll end up in a heap beside them.

Check them out here: E-Motion Rollers

Friday, June 22, 2007

Discovery and Madone win

First win for the new Madone by the "Goose" Valdimir Gusev after he took off on the monster stage of the Tour de Suisse from Ulrichen - Grimselpass.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Yet more Madone
This is the Madone 6.9 Pro utilizing the Trek OCLV Red Series Carbon*

*Trek's highest-performance carbon fiber, OCLV Red uses a significant percentage of high modulus carbon fiber arranged according to Treks most complex lay-up schedules.
More Madone
Lance Armstrong talking about the new Madone at the world launch.
New Trek Madone
Pic of the 2008 Trek Madone outfitted with Ultegra SL

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Shimano Ultegra SL
There might not be a new Dura-Ace Gruppo on the horizon just yet but Shimano is introducing a lighter weight Ultegra groupset in "ice grey". Following will be wheel's and pedals in the same finish.