Thursday, November 19, 2009

More coming.....
After the first CycloCross race I flew out for a week Family/Mini Training Camp which would hopefully set me up for the next few months, below is the next chapter going forward:
Lanzarote - 15/10/09 till 22/10/09
Off to sunny climes at this time of year is a bit weird as March / April is always the usual time I go, but some dry warm miles is just the ticket for getting some form for the rest of the Cross season as it runs all winter. The week I went out was spent doing shorter harder sesh's with a few 3 1/2 hours flung in to. I am a bit fatigued from the week but this should set me up for the rest of the year.
On to Mugdock park this weekend for round 3 of the SCX series and I am sure it will be slightly cooler than the 28 degrees that I have been used to this past week!
Photo from Keijo Teras
Mugdock - 25/10/09
First race back from the holiday was always going to be a shock to the system and I was expecting it to be a suck it and see how the form was. After getting back from Lanzarote I was still in holiday mode till the race because arriving at the race site I realized that I had left my kit bag at home DOH!
I had driven to the race with my warm up kit so at least I had clothes to race in, I then had to find someone to lend me a helmet and gloves. Once I blagged the pieces I needed then the racing was on!

The course at Mugdock is high on Tech so some may say it suits someone like me but I was in doubt as to my form, I might not have worried as I ripped round and bagged the win!! Spot on for my first race back and a bit of a suprise really but great.
One thing that wasn't so pleaseant was driving home in my soggy kit as I had no change of clothes after forgetting my kit bag!!
Full Report from
Update time
Well time for an update, long overdue you may say but I have been very busy in the shop and racing / training CycloCross for the last few months so time has been tight!
After the Grass Track season had finished I took a break and did not train till about the middle of September.
Once back in the groove my first CycloCross race was at Plean Country Park Nr Stirling and below is the small report from it:

Lactate Hour is back - Plean 04/10/09

My first CycloCross race has been and gone which was at Plean Country Park nr Stirling, this was going to be a test of my fitness which I have been building heading up to this.
As this was my first race of the year I did not want to be at my best which is exactly what happened, this bodes well for the rest of the season with a cheeky week in Lanzarote and I should race myself into form.
Photo from
So the race itself went as I expected with the usual suspects coming to the front of Kenta Gallagher, James Fraser Moodie, Me and the ever charging Paul "I've not been doing now't" McInally :) Once the race went on I faded a bit, well quite a bit! and still managed third so this is a good start which should see me get better through to the latter part of the season. A full report here:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Keeping it going!
This weekend past was at Crieff Highland Games and I was feeling confident but you never know until you get off that start line. As it happened I started well but from there the legs started to fail on me to the point I was just going round at the Deil where I got fifth. So not to bad day with the results considering I was not at my best, the season is coming in to the sprint finish with a few rounds left just hope the legs remember that!

1st Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR 1m 21.47secs
2nd Tim Allan, Glenrothes 25m
3rd Darren Howitt, Glenrothes 55m

1st Tim Allan, Glenrothes 40m 3m 04.38secs
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR
3rd Kevin Barclay, Glenrothes SCR

1st Tim Allan, Glenrothes 55m 6m 08.06secs
2nd David Mathieson, Newburgh 125m
3rd Kevin Barclay, Glenrothes SCR

1st Kevin Barclay, Glenrothes
2nd Tim Allan, Glenrothes
3rd Neil Withington, Carlisle

Anyway that was the racing but I had another job on the day with delivering a fixed wheel Dawes mono to a certain Ewan Mcgregor who is a top bloke and is getting right into fixie's.
I even managed to get him to push me off in one of the races!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Scottish Champ
After Inverkeithing we were back on Grass for Perth Games and my legs were feeling good on the day, After winning the first Race I knew that today was on and with the 1000m Scottish champs next I was up for it, as it happened I was pushed all the way to the line by an Oliphant but not Evan this time his brother Lewis, so close was it that the judges conferred and I got it by a tyre width! So three wins on the day and the Scottish Kilo Champs medal not to bad a day!

1000m Prizes

1st Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR 1m 49.59secs
2nd Lewis Oliphant, Edinburgh SCR
3rd Alan Clark, Thurso SCR

1st Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR 2m 36.46s
2nd Lewis Oliphant, Edinburgh 65m
3rd Neil Withington, Carlisle 50m

1st Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR 5m 26.44s
2nd Alan Clark, Thurso 25m
3rd David Mathieson, Newburgh 115m

1st Lewis Oliphant, Edinburgh 120m 8m 18.25s
2nd David Mathieson, Newburgh 125m
3rd James Melville, Dumbarton 120m

1st Neil Withington, Carlisle
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay
3rd Lewis Oliphant, Edinburgh
Up to speed
Another double weekend of Games past and the legs came back a bit after feeling like lead last week, I knew after my training in the week that the form was still there from a couple of weeks ago but maybe just tailing off a bit.
Inverkeithing Highland Games is run not on Grass but a red cinder track which makes cornering interesting as the bikes do move about underneath you a bit, the key is to let the bike move and not to be be to rigid, easier said than done once there are 7/8 bikes around you it makes for a few buttock clenching moments!

The one race I wanted to win at Inverkeithing was the 6400m Scottish Champs and I was feeling strong but Evan Oliphant got it on the line although I think I pushed him all the way. The other events were good for me but I was a bit frustrated in not coming away without a win on the day.

1st Tom Hunter, Falkirk 125m 1m 03.94s
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay 40m
3rd Brendan Roe, Valleyfield 60m

1st Darren Howitt, Glenrothes 140m 2m 17.30s
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay 60m
3rd Brendan Roe, Valleyfield 85m

1st Darren Howitt, Glenrothes 300m 4m 57.88s
2nd Tom Hunter, Falkirk X
3rd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay 100m

1st Evan Oliphant,Wick SCR 10m 16.81s
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR
3rd Alan Clark, Thurso SCR

1st Neil Withington, Carlisle
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay
3rd Alan Clark, Thurso

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bag of Spanners
Wow what a difference a week makes! after getting four firsts at St Andrews Highland games I struggled at my next Games at Bridge of Allan last Sunday.
This week there was a big field of bikes so for the 800m race there was heats with three riders going through to the final, I got drawn in the heat with Evan Oliphant and both of us did not make the final due to our handicaps!
The rest of the races during the day were a slog for me as my legs felt like lead all day, if this is the worst weekend I have it will be not to bad with three third places in the bag.
Bridge of Allan results:
800m - no final
1600m - 3rd
3200m - 3rd
Deil - 3rd

On a good note I was out on a training run tonight and the legs are feeling like they are mine again, here's hoping for some form for Sat - Inverkeithing / Sunday - Perth.

Monday, July 27, 2009

St Andrews Highland Games
Travelling up to St Andrews on Sunday things were looking grim as the rain bounced off the ground, once at the games circuit the rain started to go off and blue sky was even seen.
So going from being virtually cancelled in the morning the Games kicked off all be it a bit on the slidy side :O As it turned out the day was good for me picking up four straight wins, the first for me this season, the form is there I will just have to hang on to it for a few weeks.
St Andrews Results:
800m - 1st
1600m - 1st
3200m - 1st
Diel - 1st
Ya Beauty!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Was at first Highland Games of the weekend and it ended up quite good for me. St Andrews is tomorrow but looking at forecast it may be a non starter :( If it goes ahead maybe it will be a bit of cycle speedway :))

Airth results:
1600m 1st
3200m 2nd
4800m 5th
Diel - 2nd

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grass Track Racing
After last weekend with my off into a car all the week was spent recovering and trying to get the inflammation down and keep the muscles moving. I knew I had a big weekend ahead with three Highland Games Grass Track meetings one after another. Lying in a hospital bed last Sunday it seemed like it was not going to be, the body is a fantastic tool and by Wednesday I was getting better and to be honest amazed after the impact I had.
The first Games was Balloch at Loch Lomond and this was going to be my tester, I faired good through the day and apart from the standing starts where pulling up on the bars was sore I felt good.
1st James Melville, Dumbarton 50m 1m 31.37s
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR
3rd David Mathieson, Newburgh 55m

1st James Melville, Dumbarton 70m 3m 26.28s
2nd Tim Allan, Glenrothes X
3rd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR

1st Tim Allan, Glenrothes X 7m 21.41s
2nd David Mathieson, Newburgh 90m
3rd James Melville, Dumbarton 85m

1st Tim Allan, Glenrothes
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay
3rd James Melville, Dumbarton

*All the races are handicapped (apart from Deil) as the MK is where the rider starts from and the SCR is the scratch man who starts behind on the finish line. The X is someone that does not have a mark and the handicapper will give them one on the day.

On to Thornton Sunday and I was starting to feel better again although some riders were missing as there was a Games on the same day in Roseneath but I was still having to catch up coming off my back mark
1st D Howitt, Glenrothes 60 2m 48.73s
2nd D Mathieson, Newburgh 80
3rd F Morris, Glenrothes

1st C Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR 2m 56.40s
2nd D Mathieson, Newburgh 90
3rd F Morris, Glenrothes X

1st C Hardie, Dalgety Bay SCR 6m 15.20s
2nd D Mathieson, Newburgh 95
3rd D Howitt, Glenrothes 85

1st C Hardie, Dalgety Bay
2nd D Howitt, Glenrothes
3rd F Morris, Glenrothes

Last race for me was Burntisland Mon the 20th and this was going to be a cracker with 10 bikes and everyone racing at a similar level apart from two Pro's Alex Coutts and Evan Oliphant. This was a different games for myself also as I was not off scratch which went to Evan, I felt good throughout the day and was getting better but was struggling to get the better of Evan. The Deil was the last event and last chance for a result, this event is run off together after a rolling start so it is mano mano to the line if you are left after everyone else is eliminated.

The Deil panned out well and I managed to stay on Evan's wheel till the last corner which was a bit dodgy, I dived into the inside and Evan went wide, it was then a drag strip to the line where the Judges had to decide who had got it and I am over the moon to say I got it by a tyre width!! This will go down as one of the best win's of my Grass Track career.
1st Alan Clark, Thurso 50m 2m 45.31secs
2nd Tim Allan, Glenrothes 80m
3rd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay 60m

1st Evan Oliphant,Wick SCR 5m 45.09secs
2nd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay 100m
3rd Tim Allan, Glenrothes 140m

1st Evan Oliphant,Wick SCR 9m 27.88secs
2nd Alex Coutts, Burntisland X
3rd Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay 130m

1st Craig Hardie, Dalgety Bay
2nd Evan Oliphant,Wick
3rd Tim Allan, Glenrothes

Evan Oliphant leading out the pack.
Photo from Marty Steele

Me leading out Alex Coutts and Alan Clark
Photo from Marty Steele

Monday, July 13, 2009

On Sunday morning I was on my way out for a spin when I hit a car and had a trip in an ambulance to A&E, after getting checked out with x-rays my injuries were not as bad as first suspected (broken arm). I am just a bit banged up at the moment and should be recovered in the next couple of days. Bikes hitting cars with a squashy tomato sitting on it is not a good combo :(

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Games
Another weekend and another Highland games, this week we were at Cupar in Fife. On arrival the rain started and got harder and harder, fortunately the rain went off and the track dried up. After the track dried the racing got fast and as such I changed my gear from 48x17 to 48x16 as I seemed to be spinning out.
It was a funny weekend for me in that my legs did not seem to be working very well although as the day wore on I seemed to get better. I was disappointed in not getting into the 80m final but my handicap and the fast conditions did not help.

Photos from Tom/Nick Hunter

800 Mts Final
1st Darren Howitt
2nd Tim Allan
3rd James Melville

1st Darren Howitt
2nd James Melville
3rd Stu McManus

1st Tim Allan
2nd Alan Clark
3rd Craig Hardie

De'il (Devil) tak the hindmost*
1st Alan Clark
2nd Craig Hardie
3rd Darren Howitt

*Elimination race where one rider comes out last over the line each lap till 3/4 left who sprint for the win.
There is mention of the De'il in a passage of the address to the haggis written by Robert Burns:

Then, horn for horn they stretch an' strive,
deil tak the hindmost, on they drive,
Till a' their weel-swall'd kytes belyve
Are bent like drums ;
Then auld Guidman, maist like to rive,
Bethankit hums.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Grass Tracking
Started the Highland Games season last weekend and managed to get the season of to a cracker.
The ground was very slick after rain overnight and once the runners/cyclists were round the grass went like ice in sections!
Was on my new Gary Fisher Triton which was fantastic all day.

1st Craig Hardie
2nd Neil Withington
3rd Tim Allan

1st Brendon Roe
2nd Darren Howitt
3rd Tim Allan

1st Craig Hardie
2nd Tim Allan
3rd Brendon Roe

1st Craig Hardie
2nd Dave Mathieson
3rd James Melville

Report from Shane Fenton here: Ceres Games

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Rás Tailteann 2009
I was away in May for the 8 day Rás Irish stage race doing mechanic duties for the Irish National squad which was a great race.

We got the mountains jersey one day, a stage win and 6th overall for the week all in a great job done by the whole team.
The Guys ready for the off on stage one
Paul Helion, Stephen Barrett, Sean Downey, Martyn Irvine, Dave McCann

Dave McCann Team leader in the mountains jersey

Paul Helion Stage 6 Winner!!

The fringe benefit of being in Ireland ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New scoot
Out for a ride on my new Madone tonight and it certainly feels like it gives me an extra 2/3 mile an hour advantage without trying!
Colours are fantastic match for the Team Colours

Sunday, March 29, 2009

TREK Madone for sale
Check out my own TREK Madone which I am selling to make way for a Madone in Team colours


Monday, February 23, 2009

Xtracycle is available
Get the Free radical for your existing bike and haul the gear you only ever dreamed of

Or get the Surly Big Dummy and add the Long Tail Kit

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gary Fisher Team Bike
A nice new Superfly team bike just out of the paint shop.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Di Blasi
Got a fantastic folding trike in for someone today.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Roscoe Rules
Gary Fisher's anticipated new full suss platform has been voted bike of the year at

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Xtracycle is coming

Hardie Bikes
will now be able to supply and fit the Xtracycle which if you have not heard about is a fantastic lightweight attachment, turn your favourite bike into the load carrier you have always dreamed about.

This is the way forward for bikes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bontrager Carbontastic!

Had these 210gram puppies in stock for all of a couple of days before they flew out the door, a bit exclusive as only about 15 sets were coming to the UK.

Speed Limit XXX-Lite

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a Twit
Have now got a Twitter account and will have updates about shop goings on and such.

Follow here:


Monday, January 12, 2009

Lance's Project One Madone

Livestrong Madone

1274 Days without a pro race

Some 27.5 Million people will have died of cancer in that time

Monday, January 05, 2009

Stirling Super Cross
Since I had missed all of the cross season this was going to be a bit of an unknown as I have not been able to put some racing together or training really.
As it happened I felt quite good but was lacking the killer zip I needed to contest for the win. The race started well with myself getting off to the front and leading but in the first 90d bend I hit an ice patch going down and letting half a dozen through.
Once the race settled into a pace myself and Gregg Walker(ERC) rotated round for a good few laps together, there was a group of guys coming up to us so I made a move to push on to make sure of the last step of the podium.
I managed to get a good bit of helmet footage from the Race which turned out quite well, check it out below.


Scottish Power Renewables Super Cross
4th January 2009
Stirling University

Pos No. Name Club
1 5 Keith Murray Hope Factory
2 3 Kenta Gallagher 777 Racing Kudu Bikes
3 32 Craig Hardie
4 1 Paul McInally Rock and Road Cycles
5 21 Gregg Walker Edinburgh Road Club
6 18 Vin Cox
7 9 Ian Nimmo Squadra Racing
8 19 Tom Macdonald Lomon Roads
9 6 David Lines Pedal Power Endura
10 14 Alan Quin Glasgow United
11 11 Kyle Gordon Square Wheels at 1 lap
12 33 Norman Gillan Squadra at 1 lap
13 25 Steve Sheridan Ivy CC at 1 lap
14 7 AN Other Bicycle Works at 1 lap
15 23 Tim Darlow Edinburgh Road Club at 1 lap
16 17 Alasdair Dow Bicycle Works at 1 lap
17 29 Andy Turnbull Falkirk BC at 1 lap
18 16 Colin Bain at 1 lap
19 20 Gordon d1ckson Rockhard at 1 lap
20 13 Steven ? Glasgow United at 1 lap
21 10 Alan McCaffrey Square Wheels at 1 lap
22 31 Mathew Ball West Lothian Clarion at 1 lap
23 30 Hugh Jamieson Dooleys at 1 lap
24 26 Jonathon Herbert at 1 lap
25 12 David Graham SCX at 2 lap
26 15 Scott Russell Walker Cycles at 2 lap
27 2 Mari Todd Sandy Wallace at 2 lap
28 27 Alan Mclean Johnstone Wheelers at 2 lap
29 4 M. Mulholland Johnstone Wheelers at 2 lap
30 8 Hugh McInnes Bicycle Works at 2 lap
31 24 Jac Strachan VC Moulin at 3 lap

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Super Cross tomorrow

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cyclo-Cross Double jump
Check out Zděněk Štybar double jumping on his way to the win in Loenhout on Dec 30th