Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update time
Well time for an update, long overdue you may say but I have been very busy in the shop and racing / training CycloCross for the last few months so time has been tight!
After the Grass Track season had finished I took a break and did not train till about the middle of September.
Once back in the groove my first CycloCross race was at Plean Country Park Nr Stirling and below is the small report from it:

Lactate Hour is back - Plean 04/10/09

My first CycloCross race has been and gone which was at Plean Country Park nr Stirling, this was going to be a test of my fitness which I have been building heading up to this.
As this was my first race of the year I did not want to be at my best which is exactly what happened, this bodes well for the rest of the season with a cheeky week in Lanzarote and I should race myself into form.
Photo from
So the race itself went as I expected with the usual suspects coming to the front of Kenta Gallagher, James Fraser Moodie, Me and the ever charging Paul "I've not been doing now't" McInally :) Once the race went on I faded a bit, well quite a bit! and still managed third so this is a good start which should see me get better through to the latter part of the season. A full report here:

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