Monday, January 15, 2007

Well this week it was another Sunday DCC Club run and it turned out to be a wet one most of the 70 odd miles round, anyway it worked out that 9 riders(two on Fixed) out of 15 that started out continued round getting a good workout. I felt better this week and as it was wet we kept on trucking past the Cafe stop to keep the warmth up, I could smell the coffee as we passed the road end.
Once we had turned to get a braw tail wind the speed went up to 27-28 mph and that is when the naughty boys with their multiple gears can stick it into you, so as a few disappered up the road the rest of the group came together and it was just as well cause one rider blew his gasket and needed a bit of a help to get home.
Till the next installment,
Keep Pedaling.

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