Friday, December 07, 2007

Craft Pro Zero Extreme
I have just started doing Craft clothing in Hardie-Bikes which is a forward thinking Scandinavian company designing performance garments for use in all conditions.
The first clothing to arrive is the Pro underwear collection which is some of the comfiest base layers I have worn. This first mini test is on the Pro Zero Extreme Tee which is designed to be worn in fair to cold conditions, the material combines moisture transfer as well as some insulation so keeping you from getting a chill.

I have only just started wearing this top and thought it may be to warm but so far has been superb, on the second round of the Cross at the Castle on Sunday past I found that it kept my body at just the right temperature throughout even though I was busting my butt for the best part on an hour. The feel on the body is great with the weight of the material being so light you hardly know your wearing it.
Check out Craft Clothing at their website: Craft

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