Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scottish Cyclocross Round 1 @ Meadow Mill 03/10/10
First round of the Scottish CycloCross kicked off at Meadowmill Nr Edinburgh and I was up for it but in the mind that I would probably not have great form, this would come out as it pushed on through the 1hr of lactic acid!

The start kicked off and I managed to get the holeshot stringing the field out over the first lap, this was short lived as Stu Wearmouth caught me up on the second lap where I then proceeded to dump it on a concrete patch bashing my knee, Stu went on to pull away not quickly but enough to get a gap every lap.

I then got caught by another two riders in Steve Ward and Rob Friel, after that I was consolidating forth in the knowledge that the podium may not be a go'er today :( Once into the later stages of the race Rob Friel had a puncture handing the last place on the podium to me, it was hard lines for Rob as he was looking good for third and I was not catching.

As this was my first Cross race of the season I have work to do but knowing that as the season goes on the form will come.

Pic via Stevie Turbitt and more from www.scottishcyclocross.org.uk

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