Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wow 2009 what a year!
Right were was I, yes up to Round 4 of the Scottish CycloCross Season.
Here goes - Glenmore 01/11/09
This was the first of the two rounds on the weekend so staying fresh over the two days was going to be the key. The first race day dawned dry and the course was riding well as the first races got under way. Once the Senior race was ready to go the sky's were threatening but no rain yet.
The race stated and I got a fantastic start getting the holeshot and a good lead going on to the first lap.

After this the rain came down which made the course sketchy in bits but great fun also, there was even a small double jump which was great fun!! I pushed on and got the win which was fantastic and I felt strong throughout. Check out the full right up at

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