Sunday, January 03, 2010

Inverkeithing 15/11/09
A very different race this was in the conditions that is, I arrived to have a practice lap and realised that it was going to turn into a bog so just tickled round. Once started young fast man Kenta Gallagher made a break and got away from me although not by much and I felt very good and started pulling him back, this is where I started getting bother with my rear mech.
After having to stop and try and bend the hanger back to get some gears I dropped back to forth and had one gear left! If I had been able to finish in forth then I would have been well happy but as I came round the news was that Kenta had dropped out with a broken mech!

All going fine chasing Kenta on the first laps

Not far off disaster, check the mud on the bike!!

So up to third and wishing for the last lap bell but on the second to finish lap my mech hanger gave up and that was that a DNF! I was well disappointed as I had felt like the win was on the cards. So no points at this round but still looking good in the series as you can drop 3 worst from the 10 rounds. Full report here -

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