Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cross at the Castle SCX Rd9 12/12/10
Waking up in the Castle and looking out on the course changed thing from Sat with a widespread frost meaning the course running in the opposite was going to bit a faster one.

The race started with the same bodies at the front as Sat with this time Dan Whitehead pushing on and know one able to go with him. I settled in to second exchanging it back and forth with Davie Lines and James Fraser Moodie not far behind, Myself and davie did have a few digs to get up to Dan but he was on fire today and the digs were more to try and keep away from James who was always lurking just off us.

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Going into the last lap I was feeling pretty cooked but was hanging on to Davie, at this point I was going for a last chance attack through the muddy rutted section which with frost had turned into hard ruts making the going hard. I pushed on but then for the first time this season I lost my chain which for a reason would not catch back on to the front sprocket! Davie then caught me and proceeded to push me till I tried to get my chain back on (Sportmanship in full effect there) but with no joy, I then had to dismount to get my chain on giving James the chance to catch and then pass me.

After this I did nearly catch back up with James but even without the chain incedent I was cooked so i think it did not make a difference to the final result. Dan was on it today and a great win taken from the front, just like I like to do it :)

1st D.Whithead
2nd D.Lines
3rd J.M.Moodie
Full results: Sun Mull
So that's the Series finished and retaining the Scottish Title has been a real honour again, thanks to everyone who has been a part of anything to do with the Series this year as it's been brill.

2010 Scottish Cyclocross Series overall:
1st C.Hardie
2nd D.Lines
3rd James Fraser Moodie
Overall series 2010 League Tables: SCX 2010

For this last week past I have not touched the bike and will be looking to start again this week coming, would normally be off the bike till after the New Year but as there is the rescheduled Scottish Cyclocross Champs on the 23rd of Jan I will be looking to get in training again to see if I can get the double :)


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