Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Cross
Kings Park SCX Rd7 27/11/10
Another week another round of the Scottish Cyclocross series rolls on, we now only have two rounds to go on Mull so this weekend it was about getting a solid result and if the win was on then go for it.
Awaking in the morning there was a blanket of snow which was going to make things interesting, once warm up on the turbo was done I had a pedal round the course which was in good nick considering the snow. The legs were not feeling the best but you never really know till the hammer goes down!

Off the start I got the holeshot and held the front for the first few laps settling into a comfy pace with no one passing and just four of us left at the front, after about lap three a few passes started a bit to close! End of the day Hope we are there doing it for enjoyment :(

The froing and tooing continued for the next half dozen laps until with about three to go Ross Creber of Endura Racing went for it and I did not have the legs to go with him, Rob Friel stuck with him for a bit but then got dropped, on the last lap Mr Murray pushed on and I settled into forth knowing that the top three were not a threat to the series points.

I did enjoy the course although it probably felt a bit harder than it should have been due to my legs being a bit flat, I tried to keep Cowbell corner (great encouragement) entertained with jumping the planks most laps :) If you can't win then put on a show is the motto lol!

A mention to my pit man Graeme for helping out, thanks dude :)

1.Ross Creber Endura Racing
2.Keith Murray Hope Factory Racing
3.Rob Friel Raleigh

Thanks to all the peeps that organised the race on a freezing cold day for standing about.

Some cracking pics via Neil Hassan:
After today's race I was off to the Highland Games dinner to pick up the Highland Games Cyclist of the year award at night. A great night had by all with award winners and plenty Gay Gordon's strutted :)

Onto the Scottish Cyclocross Champs this weekend at Irvine after a bit of rest. Looking forward to the Snow commute this week into work :)

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