Monday, March 26, 2007

On the up and up.

After watching Oscar winning the M-SR in style on Sat I was up for a good run on Sunday and maybe push myself a bit for the first time after the winter build up and I can say that the feeling was good throughout the run but even better on the bits of road that I pushed it on. After the run recovery is always a good indicator of fitness and that seems to be good also, I am still on my 49x18 fixie so it is good to know that when the boys bring their carbonio stuff out I can still do a bit of damage. It is just three weeks till I head out to Mallorca for some sun on the back and back to the 'Gears' which should be interesting, although I might be onto the 'Gears' a bit quicker as there is a local Criterium that I might do before I head off.

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