Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today I came off the fixed wheel and I am nursing a sore hip and right arm. The off was on my normal commute up to Dunfermline, I was cycling down the inside of stationary traffic when a nice wee school girl opened her passenger door on me which I then caught with my right forearm sending me flying over the bars onto the side of the road!

I would always normally ride down the outside of stationary traffic to avoid this kind of thing but today I was on the inside as the traffic light crossing had turned green ahead which I thought meant the traffic would start moving, instead the traffic had still been stopped by a lollipop lady meaning the Dad of the school girl in the car had told said school girl to jump out and right into my path...........BOLLOCKS!

So I am now trying to recover for tomorrows ride in to the shop as the arm is well stiff and sore at the moment although this typing has eased it off slightly.

On a good note the beauty of riding a fixed wheel is there is nothing on it to break or bend as there is nothing hanging off it, so apart from a little scuff to the bar tape and left lever the bike is perfect which helps make my sore bits feel a bit less sore.

Sketch pic from RoadKillBill.com

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