Monday, May 21, 2007

Road Race
I have not been posting much in the last few weeks due to the shop being very busy and I have also been trying to get the training in the time I have left over. So the last few weeks I have upped the pace in the training as my season is ready to take off. Yesterday I took part in the Sam Robinson Division 1 Road Race over a lumpy course based near Callander.
As this was going to be my first Race of the season it was always going to be hard and so it was, after a few digs off the front I then sat in knowing that my legs were not going to be good this early on in the season. Out of about 47 starters only about 26 finished and I was 21 out of this so not so bad but I was hoping to do a bit more in the race. Good training anyway and I should get the benefit of the longer racing miles in my legs in the next few weeks.

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