Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan
So yesterday I was back to get my results from the scan hopefully telling me something was adrift with my spine. My Consultant went through the scan pointing out a slight narrowing of my spine in the lumber region which was causing my probs. The Consultant explained that I was probably suffering from Spondylitis which is an inflammatory arthritis condition affecting Males under 35 years old.
So where from here? well after going back to my Physio it looks like a 8-12 weeks of rehab to get mobility into the affected region and then strengthening the muscles round about the lumber area.

I do have another appointment with my Orthopedic Consultant on Mon coming to discuss the next step of getting a steroid injection into the lower back, this would hopefully ease the pain and take the inflammation away although I am thinking about this as a last resort at the moment.
I have just got a TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) unit today and will try and stick with this so I do not have to resort of reaching for pills to control the pain.
Hopefully from now on I can at least move forward as I have got an idea of what is going on and with Physical Therapy + specific stretching I will be able to get back to moving properly and biking.

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