Monday, November 26, 2007

DING! DING! Round one
So my first race is in the bag and it was sore but not as bad as I was expecting. The course was quite a long lap for a cross with the odd stairs, water feature and fences thrown in the mix. After the gun the pace exploded and it felt very fast! but as the body has not done it for a year it probably felt faster than it was. In the series this year Paul Rowney ex pro Yeti Cycles man has been rippin it up and giving everyone a pasting and again this round dealt out a masterclass in racing once again.

I was in the mix for lying 3rd-4th for 3/4 laps and then settled into a pace which found me in 6th place which was kinda what I was expecting, towards the end I had a tussle with Dave Lines for 6th which came down to a sprint elbow to elbow, not pretty at the end of a cross race! Dave came out with 6th on the line by a tyre width.
I have got two more rounds to go before the Scottish Champs which I want to be pinging for and after this round I feel that it will come.
Me chasing Dave Lines for the sprint finish

Paul Rowney

Pos Nu Name Club Cat Time
1 46 Paul Rowney Velo Ecosse Sen 1.2.10
2 35 Ewan Clark jun 1.4.28
3 28 Paul McInally East Kilbride RC Sen 1.4.42
4 30 James Fraser Moodie Pedal Power Rt Sen 1.4.48
5 36 Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles Sen 1.5.34
6 40 David Lines Pedal Power Rt Sen 1.6.25
7 45 Craig Hardie Dunfermline CC Sen 1.6.25
8 13 Andy Wardman Sunnyside Sports Sen
9 37 Christian Opitz Berliner TSC Sen 1.8.05
10 27 Gary McCrae Pedal Power Rt Sen 1.8.15

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