Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have again been racing Cyclo-Cross but this time it was at night on Wed 1st Nov at Plean country park nr Stirling.
After checking out the course which was quite fast going given the rain over the last few days I got ready at the start. After going into the lead in the first few laps I got passed by James and he then went on to pull out a lead which was the last I seen of him. Going on to the last two laps I tired very badly to the point of seeing double, this meant that Paul caught and passed me in the last lap making me 3rd on the night which I am well chuffed with since I could hardly turn the pedals towards the end.
So you ask what went wrong? well I do not know but the only thing I can put the tiring down to was that it was nearly freezing and it felt like the energy had been drawn from me. All I can say is if 3rd is my worst result then I will take that quite happly.(pic is from the start)
1st - James Fraser Moodie
2nd - Paul Mcinally
3rd - Craig Hardie

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