Sunday, November 12, 2006

This weeks Cyclo-Cross race took place at the Auchentoshen circuit nr Glasgow and run by the Glasgow United Cycling Club.
I had been at the Scottish Highland Games Association presentaion awards last night (Sat) meaning I stayed out a bit later than I would normally if I had a race the next day, so once up in the morning I was not sure if I would feel alright after getting a bit less sleep even though I had not been drinking.
Once getting to the race site I took a few laps to get used to the course and felt pretty good. The course was a bit of a cracker with all the Cyclo-X elements included, the off camber banking going round a tree into a fast chute section being one of the highlights for me.
The Race started and after about half a lap I hit the front and went for a break into the technical section only to take a wrong turn and let the chasers pass me again. After catching up with James I hit the front again and pulled away to about a 40 Sec gap which I kept till the finish.
Next weekend is my local Cyclo-X event which is going to be held at the Roysth europarc meaning that I will have plenty time to get ready as the course is only about 4 miles from my house.
Thanks to Alan Quinn, Glasgow United and all the helpers, cheers.
1st - Craig Hardie
2nd - James Fraser Moodie
3rd - Ian Nimmo

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