Monday, February 26, 2007

Mini Review: Protective Chamois Cream

This is maybe one of the overlooked areas of cycling as it is a very personal thing but if you neglect to use some kind of protection on your shorts then this can lead to all sorts of trouble including sores, rash and if left will need medical treatment. I do not want to alarm anyone but I have had trouble in the past when I got a saddle sore which kept me off my bike for a week which maybe to a weekend rider might not have been to bad but for myself meant my daily transport and training ceased completely until it healed up. To help prevent this a good cream will go a long way to stop this happening, I have been using the Ozone Protective Chamois Cream meaning now I do not suffer from any of the above problems I descibed.

The modern short pads of today are mostly all made from a man made material and not the Chamois material of old meaning you can shove them straight into a washing machine and dry off with no problems. I use the cream on any Cycle more than 1hr as below this I find you do not get any problems, apply the cream to all the areas where your shorts rub i.e. the inner thigh and buttock region try also to not hang about in your shorts to long after your Cycle as this is the time when bacteria has a field day. Always wash your shorts inside out and if you can not get a shower right away after a workout at least clean yourself in the private areas to kill any bacteria (I like baby wipes for this) , also apply talcum powder to dry out any moisture.
Using the Ozone Protective Chamois Cream and keeping to some of these personal hygiene tips above you should be rash free making sure you do not have any down time on the bike this season.

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