Sunday, February 04, 2007

A cracking Club run this week at about 72 miles round the back of the Ochil Hills through Dunblane with a Cappuccino stop in Causewayhead. At one point in the run I managed to get up to 40.2mph going down to Gleneagles on the Fixie. Once you get to these kind of speeds on 49x18 it is like going through some sort of speed barrier as up to about 35mph it feels like your insides are in a liquidiser but once you go over the 37mph mark it seems to get smoother which is a bit bizarre.
Next week the first Reliability Runs start which I am looking forward to as it is a great test to see where you are sitting fitness wise. I will be back on the multi-gear machine for these as the speeds are generally a lot higher average speeds, anyway it should feel a bit easier as I have been on the fixed for a good month now.
Keep Spinning.

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