Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mini Review: Nike Pursue Glasses

The Pursue are a very good fit on the face and can be custom shaped to your head as the arms can be moulded to shape and this comes in handy for me as my head is quite small meaning some glasses hang out the back slightly. The other good point of this is the arms can be moulded down out of the way of some helmet securing systems as these sometimes can get in the way.
The other points on the design is that the lens has what Nike calls the flying lens system meaning that the lens is attached at only two points on the frame so the air can circulate to avoid the lens fogging over. The nose bridge has also got design points as it has grooves to again help the air movement and keep your vision clear.

The lens that the Pursue comes with is the Max Speed tint which is not a heavy tint meaning you can run with this in most low light conditions up to dusk, this is a good thing in Scotland as the sun can be out one minute and away the next meaning you can start out with this lens and finish your run even if the sun drops. If however you are cycling at night then a Clear lens will be needed and if you are going to start out with the weather dull/overcast then my favorite lens at the moment is the Hi-Vis Tint which are fantastic at bringing out all the detail on a dull day which gives you confidence on descents and low light conditions.
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