Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last Hurrah of the Cyclocross Season
So that's all folks! the 2010 season is done and dusted, and the last race of the season being the 2010 Cross Champs Sun past which had been postponed from the start of Dec due to the snow.

Being that I usually finish my season on Mull and training is all geared round this having to lift it again towards the end of Jan was going to be a task and a half, this and being laid low with flu for 6 days from the 1st Jan did not help either. I can usually get my self into good shape for racing as long as I have a bit of base behind me in about 3 weeks, after the illness I was a week behind but threw the positive on that I had a great bit of enforced rest :)

Heading towards the Scottish Champs I managed to get in a good few efforts on the road, Mtb and rollers but being honest the fitness was not where I wanted to be going into a major race lie this but had to roll with it.

On race day I felt good and traveled down to Irvine and looked forward to riding in the sand trap once more :) Warming up gave me a feeling that the legs had no ping so was going to just see how I felt on the first lap and go with the moves if I could. The race started well with me getting the holeshot but up the run I got passed by Davie Lines and Ross Creber, I latched on the them and hoped I could stay but after a few laps I got distanced and James Fraser Moodie caught me. This is where the race started for the bronze medal.

After a few attacks by both of us it became apparent that we were both on the limit so it was going to be a drag to the finish for the last podium place, second last lap and with our hard racing I had noticed that Greg Walker had been plugging away and was coming up to us. James made a break for it and I kept him in sight hoping the legs would have a lap left in em, just before the sand trap there had been a tricky corner with a hole to one side this is where James slipped and fell leaving the way for me to push on.

The Bell lap and I managed to keep Greg Walker behind collecting a bronze medal at the Scottish Champs for the second year in a row :) On reflection I would say it was a fair result for me looking at my build up, I think if I had not lost the week at the start of Jan I may have been nearer the front but think I still would have got bronze. Well done to Ross on his win and Davie on another solid silver like last year :) would have loved to have seen my best bud Davie win it after some strong performances towards the end of the season, 2011 is yours Davie if it is not mine ;)

1.Ross Creber - Premier MetalTek
2.David Lines - Endura Racing
3.Craig Hardie-

So that's me on the off season for a while now and all that's left is a few thanks :)
To my Wife and Daughter who put up with me :) My Mum & Dad for looking to the shop while I am away at times.

A big thanks to all the Scottish Cyclocross Committee for putting in all the hard work getting the races going and the organisers with all their volunteers who put the hard work in running the races on the day.
Till next (this) season thanks everyone for making it a great season :)


Photos from Marty and Gammyknee :) more @ Scottish Cyclocross Flickr Group

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