Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Fly

After having real problems with my back last year, it has been giving me a bit of gip again this year. Once I had completed my Highland Games season I had a few twinges but nothing that was stopping me, onto my first Cyclo-Cross race I started well and was leading the race until I made a mistake falling on my right side which twisted me round. If this was the start of my trouble's or added to it I don't know.

I was going on holiday for a week which should have been a relaxing time and then coming back to get back to the Cross racing in earnest, instead my back got worse until the end of the week at times causing me to limp. Fast forward to now and I have been getting physiotherapy every week to get my mobility better. At the moment I am feeling a lot better but not 100% yet.

Anyway I am back to getting out on the bike and feeling I can push on a bit more. Today I had a great run out on my Fly which was great fun but was freezing leading to my feet feeling like blocks of ice at the end.

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